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Fan Request! Femme Fatale Stepmother married a wealthy man who dies of mysterious cause. Now stepson is the only thing standing between her and the family fortune. She d ru gs and ki dna ps her stepson and ties him to a chair at the lake house to jerk him off to his doom. She comes into the room wearing a blue satin blouse and tight jeans with high heels on, in the room tied to a chair is her stepson who has just woken up from the side effects that the potent d ru g has caused him, still with a bag over his head and without knowing what his twisted evil stepmother has planned for him. She walks around him in silence teasing him and touching his penis causing him an erection and slight discomfort in his chest because of the poison that now runs through his veins, the faster his heart beats the quicker the d ru g flows and causes him a painful . He thinks this is some erotic game his girlfriend is playing on him but he soon comes to realize that its his stepmother when she aggressively removes the bag from his head revealing herself to him. He’s now in shock and is afraid of what she might do to him after she has confessed that it was her that his father and now she is planning on getting rid of him too. She slaps him and grabs him by the face and explains to him that he has been and that if he climaxes while she masturbates him his heart will explode and he will eventually under her control, he obviously doesn’t cooperate at first and struggles but the pleasure is too intense and finally succumbs to her power making him weaker by the minute, she masturbates him slowly and fast alternating the hand job with slow wet blowjobs teasing him with his inevitable by her sexual charms and practise. He can’t help himself and willingly allows her to give him a fatal hand job. She teases him about his lack of self-control and that is fate is sealed and he never stood a chance against her. -Cum for mommy – come on son, Cum for me.-you were never my mother you fucking bitch.and with the last hand movements on his erect cock her stepson whispers out her name repeatedly after every ejaculation of cum on her breast and blouse while his vision slowly fades to black. Femme Fatale Helen gets up and walks away from her victim leaving him tied to the chair under the light just like she did to his father

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