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mom toilet satin stockings mistress

Mom is getting ready for a very important business meeting and she is about to leave under lots of stress, but before she leaves she heads off to the bathroom and when she sits down on the toilet she finds out her son has just pissed all over the toilet seat and has wet her butt with her sons piss.

Alex!!! come to the bathroom right now!!! what the fuck Alex how many times? Its ridiculous that at this point in our lives I have to nag you about the toilet seat and not pissing on it!!!

Take some toilet paper and clean up this fuck?ng mess son please my ass is all wet with your piss aarrggh..I dont see all the drama in this mom its not such a big deal.

Oh yeah well this isnt going to happen again I can assure you.before I leave to work I am going to show you how to piss properly like a well educated young man.

Mom proceeds to take down her son pants and pulls out his thick floppy dick and grabs it firmly in her warm hand, she pulls him towards the toilet buy his dick while he remains in shock that his mother is doing what shes doing.

Now Alex listen good because I dont want to do this again.Lift up the toilet seat and aim down the center and fire ok?.its not so fucking hard to do.BUt mom I can I dont want to pee now.Alex just push and pee come on now.Mom I cant this is too weird for me.Don be silly Alex its just like when you were two, come on make a pee pee for mommy.Mom I cant the more you move your hand like that on my penis the more it.OMG Alex your penis is getting really hard.Oh my word son is this how big it gets?.MOM! please stop it I cant help it and when Its like this I cant pee mom

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