Scarlet Sage, Derrick Pierce – Obedient Daughter FullHD

Scarlet Sage, Derrick Pierce – Obedient Daughter FullHD

Scarlet Sage, Derrick Pierce – Obedient Daughter FullHD

Scarlet Sage

Stepdaddy (Derrick Pierce) is peeved when he receives a letter stating that his stepdaughter (Scarlett Sage) has been expelled from school. She didn’t tell him, and pretended to be still going to class, so it’s time to have it out.

Her mom died, and now it’s up to stepdad to take care of her. But Scarlett resents him, angrily talking back: “You think I can trust you, just because you fucked my mom before she died!”, she exclaims. This sets him off, and Derrick demands: “Get on your knees. Now!”. She reluctantly obeys, He asks for her to beg him for forgiveness, but Scarlett just talks back to him. Finally, Derrick asks: “What would you do if I kicked you out? If I cut you off?”.

She finally apologizes and she indicates she doesn’t want to go back to school, after flunking out. Stepdad relents and gives Scarlett a hug, admitting “I just wanted you to be honest”. Later, after this rapprochement, Scarlett visits his bedroom at night for an important conversation. “The reason why I’ve been skipping school is that I met this guy at the coffee shop and he’s an older guy”. Derrick asks why she didn’t bring him home to meet him, wondering: “Is it because he’s older?”. “No, it’s because he looks like you”, she confesses.

“And now he’s wanting to go farther with me. I don’t know”, she says. “When I think about making love with him, his lips touching mine, I don’t get the goosebumps. Not the way when I’m with you”, she admits. Scarlett gets up and removes her robe, revealing skimpy lingerie underneath. Derrick looks away, but she leans over and whispers: “I want you, daddy”, and kisses him on the lips, adding: “Make me the happiest girl, ever”.

“Get on your knees, again”, stepdaddy commands. “You’re going to be an obedient girl for me, aren’t you?”, he asks. “Yes, daddy”, she responds, teasing his cock inside his underpants. She gently kisses it, repeatedly. “You’re going to do everything daddy tells you?”, he asks. “Yes, daddy”, Scarlett replies. After having her suck on his thumb, Derrick lowers his briefs and places his cock in her mouth. Watch the taboo scene unfold…

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