Darling in Teaching My Son About Anal Sex HD



Scene One: Tied up at work

Mom is working on her laptop when her son comes into the room. Without a word he ties up his mom, hands behind her back. Darling asks him what he’s doing and yells to let her go. He responds by groping her breasts and shoving his hand down her panties.He exposes his mom and forces his cock into her mouth. He makes her take all of him into her angry mouth. As she pulls on the ropes and yells he fucks her in the chair. He puts his cock back into her mouth and cums, holding her mouth shut until she swallows his load. Pulling out his cell phone he takes a picture of heravished and tied up.

Scene Two: I hate my son
The next day Darling gains the courage to confront her son in his bedroom on his actions. The moment she goes into his room he shows her the cell phone photo. If he wants her to delete the photo and not have it sent to her workplace Darling is going to have to strip and show off her body for him. I hate you, your the worst son ever she tells him angry at being blackmailed. Striped naked she gives him a blowjob. After a while he holds her head and face fucks her. He commands her to fuck him and makes her get on top of him. She mounts him and looks upset and angry giving him what he wants. But what he really wants is her ass. She yells at him when he puts his cock in her tight ass and fucks her. His now dirty cock is shoved into his mom’s mouth until he cums again and makes her swallow. He deletes the photo and she storms out of the room to clean off his cum.

Scene Three: Unwinding after work

Just getting home from work the son grabs Darling in the living room and ties her up to the wall hands above her head. Exposing her body he whips her, taking pleasure from her cries of pain. She begs him to stop and that she will do what he wants. He places a vibrator on her pussy, pulling a unwanted orgasm from her. Defeated and drained he fucks her ass on the dinner table bench until she is a puddle of a woman. Making her lick his cock clean he only puts it back inside her until he cums in the tight ass. He leaves her tied up to rest for a few hours.

Scene Four: Shattered

A leash and collar are put on at the last, letting the son pull her down onto his cock. Darling sucks him knowing her new place in life. He pulls her to the floor where he fucks her hard, reaching the deep places of her soul with his cock. She lets out a shattering orgasm, removing the last bit of resistance towards him. He pulls on her leash and cums over her smiling face.

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