Selena Ryan – Merciless Mom Smothers You With Farts HD 720p

Selena Ryan - Merciless Mom Smothers You With Farts HD 720p

your sadistic Mommy is here to give you the cruelest birthday present imaginable – the gift of her pungent farts right in your pathetic little face as she smothers you! The clip opens on the afternoon of your 18th birthday.

Mommy’s tone is warm enough at first but quickly becomes sharp and caustic, barely hiding her resentment as she unveils your birthday present – handcuffs. She instructs you to close your eyes and get on your knees. You hear the handcuffs click, feeling the cold steel tighten around your wrists as Mommy restrains you. What comes next is absolutely heartless, Mommy sits her gigantic heavy ass right on your face and instructs you to open your eyes. The sheer weight of her massive ass is almost more than you can bare, making it difficult to breathe. You beg for air and Mommy agrees to give you some air, however, you quickly learn that this is not the help you’d had in mind. Rather than sitting up to allow you to breathe, Mommy gives some air of her own – putrid farts right in your mouth! She laughs and mocks you, her tone becomes increasingly cruel. You are helpless, restrained, and utterly powerless while Mommy pumps her farts right into your mouth. It’s absolutely barbaric, but you have no choice but to breathe her farts.

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Resolution: 1280 x 720
Duratio: 00:16:02
Size: 151 Mb

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