Sex Slaves for cash Anabelle Pync, Ashley Lane – Ashley and Anabelle Taken Down and Ravaged FullHD mp4 1080p



Ashley Lane and Anabelle Pync play a couple of hot chicks on vacation. They don’t think anything of it when some creepy guy checks them out in the hall right before they go into their hotel room. Shortly afterwards, Ashley leaves the room to check on something in the lobby. Anabelle hears a knock at the door about ten seconds later and assumes it was Ashley forgetting something. When she opens the door the creepy guy charges into the room and takes her down.

Ashley returns a little later to find Anabelle naked and chained down to her bed. Without thinking, she runs into the room in a panic and tried to free her friend. Unfortunately for the girls, the creep was hiding in the room and takes Ashley down too.

Both girls now find themselves naked and chained down to the bed side by side. The creepy guy takes his time and plays with both girls bodies as much as he wants before deciding he’s horny and wants to fuck. As he takes off his pants he makes the girls decide which one of them is going to get dicked down. Ashley decides to spare her friend and asks the guy to fuck her. Anabelle is almost in tears when she hears this and begs the guy to fuck her instead and leave Ashley alone. Since Ashley was the first to volunteer he chooses to fuck her, but doesn’t stop paying attention to Anabelle and her huge tits even while he’s fucking her hot friend.

He finishes off by blowing his load on Ashley’s body, then leaves both girls alone to frantically try to free themselves from their bondage.

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