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Step Daddy BlackMails Daughter to Fuck

I had it all planned out. My mom was on a weekend trip to the spa, my StepDad was going to be out of town on a business trip, and I had the house all to myself for the weekend! My friend even hustled me some weed! This was going to be such a chill weekend. I thought noone was home, so I smoked my joint– very sure to blow it out the window in case the smell stuck around. Puh-lease.. I’m not an amateur. Getting high always makes me all tingly… so maybe I’ll just touch myself a little. I can be as loud as I want, no one is home to hear me 😉 Or so I thought… My stepDaddy barges in my room (SO uncool) and yells at me about smoking (oops… I guess I’m not as sly as I thought) and masturbating! As if there’s even anything wrong with that. I’m not a little girl.. I can do whatever I want! He doesn’t like that. He recorded me and uses it as blackmail against me! He says he’s going to post it all over the internet. That would be so embarassing! He says the only way he’ll keep it a secret is if I do whatever he wants. Of course, I agree! I can’t have that going around my school– I would DIE! He makes me suck his dick for a while. I’m not gonna lie… I never knew my Daddy would have such a nice cock! Is it weird I actually like sucking him off? He makes me show him my privates and has me touch myself for him. Having him watch me as I rub my cute little bare pussy is sooooo hot! I’m getting so wet just knowing how hard he gets from watching his innocent little girl turn into his personal little slut! I’m scared to tell him I’ve never ACTUALLY had sex with a guy before…. That doesn’t stop him from wanting more… I fuck my stepdad!! I can’t believe this is happening! I can’t believe this is my first time… I can’t believe how good his dick feels in my tight teen pussy! Oh, god…. it feels soooo good. Why do I want more! Yes, fuck me Daddy. Fuck your little girl! Make me cum all for you! F*rce the cummies and squirtles all out of me! No one has ever made me squirt before… I didn’t even know I could! You’re the best Daddy ever for teaching me how to please you!

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