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scene one: spellbound stripper mom
cory walks into her son’s room and yells at him for staying in his room all day playing video games. the son says that he has been practicing spells not playing video games. pulling out a pendent he quickly puts his mother under. he puts the idea in her head that she is a stripper and he is her client. she strips and gives him a lap dance. she feels odd about giving a blowjob to him for some reason but the money is just too good and sucks his cock until he cums in her mouth.

scene two: gold digger mom
cory is sunbathing when the sun puts her under his spell again. this time he tells her that she is a gold digger and he is a wealthy single man. she hits on him hard asking about how rich he is and if he is single. she sucks and fucks him right there making him cum inside her. he tells her it was fun but he is seeing someone else.

scene three: dominatrix mom
cory comes into his bedroom dressed as a dominatrix. she commands him to strip and worship her body. when she tells him to lick her boots he decides on a change of plans. he grabs her and ties her up. cory is shocked at him and pulls against the cuffs. pushing her to the edge of the bed he forces his cock into her mouth and makes her suck him. he throws his mom onto the bed and fucks her as she pleads with him to stop and let her go. he fills her pussy with his cum and leaves her struggling on the bed. after mom swallows his cum, he tells her to make him a sandwich…

scene four: loving mom
his mom dressed in a maid outfit comes into his room to grab some laundry. when she sees him looking at porn on the computer she asks to help him and sucks his cock. lovingly they fuck on the bed, cory taking care of her big boy. after he cums on her face she smiles and leaves. the smile quickly fades from his face. wait he didn’t put her under a spell…

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