Dillion Carter in Daughters New Arrangement [BareBackStudios.com / Clips4Sale.com]




Scene 1 – Daddy’s princess

Dad later goes to daughters room, she left a schoolbook laying around and he finds laying haphazardly near the bed, wet cummy underwear, sextoy and perhaps and porn. Dad gets a thought!
Daughter comes home and dad confronts her in her bedroom as she is hiding the contraband. He explains the situation with mom, how he is desperate for sex but hasn’t thought about anyone since he met mom. well Almost no one…. Daughter wants to help but has no ideas, asks who it is. Dad says her. She gets excited has fantasized for a while but isn’t THAT experienced, only one blowjob, no anal and only had sex with her boyfriend a few short times and would be horrified if mom knew. Dad says mom doesn’t need to know who it is and won’t tell her, doesn’t care about inexperience, wants to teach her. Sex ensues, probably Cunnilingus to start for her comfort, blow job for knowledge and to please daddy.

Scene 2 – Princess’s slutty side

Dad and daughter, next day…
Living room, mom is at work again… Each worried about how the other is dealing, dad hasn’t told mom yet and will not tell her it is daughter and means it. Daughter confessed he made her feel better than she ever has and if he can fuck his little princess treat her like he does mommy! Sex becomes more vigorous after daughter gets into it, “fuck your princess like a naughty slut” and dad obliges with roughness. Daughter says being slutty feels great, shame Mom doesn’t feel that way, maybe sharing our love with mommy like this together will cheer her up and make her feel like we do!

Scene 3 – Warming mom up
Dad says he wants to talk to mom, he found someone to help him but loves her very much still. Mom apologizes for the situation, but she has time to be with him now. Dad describes the other lover (but doesn’t tell mom who it is) mom gets worked up and asks who it is, then backs up…. I’m horny… tell me more… sucks off dad as he tells her about the other woman’s body, and sex they had (inexperienced but enthusiastic etc.) Mom cant take it anymore and is overcome and presents herself in doggie and wants to fuck right then and there.. sex talk varies between how much they have both missed this to differences/similarities between the other woman’s pussy and moms. In the heat of fucking dad blurts out that the other woman wants to have a three-way, this turns mom on GREATLY and they both explode in orgasms. Mom still doesn’t want to know who it is really. Dad says he will set it up, but wants mom to be blindfolded since she doesn’t want to know who it is still…Mom agrees.

Scene 4 – Family that plays together
Mom and dads bedroom, mom is on bed and blindfolded, dad leads daughter to bedroom as they kiss, daughter ecstatic and dad shushing her to stay quiet. Dad asks mom if she is ready for the time of her life and all the focus on her instead of work. Mom gets incredibly turned on and nods, daughter starts by feeling moms breasts and eventually dad encourages daughter to go down on her mom, dad helps daughter/caresses breast/makes out with mom, after a minute mom gets too curious and takes off the blindfold, staring down at her own daughter eating her out! Mom is upset at first “You fucked our daughter??? YOUR PRINCESS???” but daughter fingers moms pussy and said the threesome was her idea, shes NOT a little girl anymore and she wanted mommy to feel as loved as daddy and daughter were together etc. Mom lets into lust and is happy it is her daughter, daughter asks daddy to fuck her everyone does their sex thing and ends with dad finishing off on daughter/mom faces. Everyone is happy they could be soo close, mom remarks she needs to spend less time at work!

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