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Dear Diary

When i was little mom and dad bought a very big spread and a separate house across the street. i got married right out of high school to a jock that turned out to be a bum. after a messy divorce where he even tried to take my parents house i settled into a very good career but really wasn’t dating much. my parents liked to throw big summer parties and during one of these i started to see daddy in a whole different light.
my thoughts became more and more risque until finally i couldn’t take anymore so i devised a plan. the next party they threw i pretended to get a lot more buzzed then i really was and mommie made daddy walk me home. halfway there i made like i was falling and daddy carried me all the way home. he set me down in my room and i made my first move, stripping naked in front of him while falling all over him.
after i peed i came stumbling into daddys arms and he walked me to my bed. i lay next to him quietly for a few minutes then rolled over and started rubbing his leg. the partying lowered my inhibitions so much i grabbed his cock inside his shorts and daddy was mine. i pulled off his shorts and was sucking his cock before he knew what hit him. daddy must have thought he was doing something wrong since he seemed a bit nervous but once i started riding his cock he had to fuck me back. daddy fucked me til he exploded inside me then we both fell asleep curled up together.

The next morning i woke before daddy and i decided to do something special so he knew everything was ok. i sucked his cock til he woke up and i teased him about being a “bad daddy” the night before. i went back to sucking his cock just as mommie called to see where daddy was. he got her off the phone quick then fucked me hard and fast. i begged him to cum in me again and he quickly exploded inside me.

dear diary
daddy and i got together many times over the summer and soon the inevitable happened. i discovered i was 6 weeks pregnant and concocted a story for mom. i told them together after mom took her meds and just like i planned she went to bed, leaving me alone with daddy.
i sucked his cock in his favorite chair then rode him for a bit. the thought of me being pregnant must have really turned daddy on cause he bent me over and fucked me hard in front of the fireplace til we both exploded. i hope we can keep it a secret after the babys born. since our dna isn’t the same i’m afraid the baby will look like daddy.

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