Summer Fox & PeachySkye – The Women Of Your Dynasty FullHD

Summer Fox & PeachySkye - The Women Of Your Dynasty FullHD

Summer Fox

It is set in a world where you are a powerful head of family. You have eliminated all the other men in the family, leaving you the head and leaving the women of your family vunerable and without protection. You have already convinced your mother that she needs you and that she needs to do whatever you require to run the family which means fucking you and not shaving her pussy which she was nervous about at first but she soon settled into. She now worships you and your powerful cock and has taken on the task of recruiting the rest of the family to be your fuck slaves starting with your auntie, Summer.
I am reluctant and unsure of submitting to you, but I know I need your protection and so I agree to think about it. First your mother shows me your cock which I’m instantly blown away by because it’s so big and powerful. I can’t believe what I’m seeing as she begins to suck you off in front of me but I know what I have to do and so I join her. Once your cock is in my mouth I begin to feel it’s almighty power and I am soon overwhelmed and desperate to feel you inside me. I watch as your mommy gives you a tit job and I also reveal that I have a growing bush which is exactly what you desire and we agree that I’m ready to fuck you. First your mommy rides you cowgirl and then I ride you, which feels amazing and I officially submit to your power. I then fuck you doggy style and missionary and as we’re getting close to cumming, your mommy and I give you a cum countdown with a naughty fact about our family following each number, until eventually you fill me up with cum and I orgasm. We thank you for looking after us and we can’t wait to get to fuck you again.

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