Taboo Diaries Brooke Summers – Mindless Obedient Slave Brooke HD 720p

Taboo Diaries Brooke Summers - Mindless Obedient Slave Brooke HD 720p

Brooke is sitting on the couch when her uncle walks in and says that he has been practicing hypnotherapy and would like to try it with her. Brooke is of course skeptical but she goes along with it. He pulls out a pocket watch and start to wave it in front of her face saying the typical stuff…”you are getting tired…” Brooke laughs and tells the guy that this is BS. The guy gets discouraged and lowers his pocket watch and the girl starts to walk away. He mutters that he was supposed to say the word “rest” but never got the chance. Upon hearing the word “rest” the girls head drops and her arms go by her sides. The guy is amazed that it worked and he looks over the entranced girl. He then tells her that he is her master and she will become a mindless obedient slave when she hears the word “slave.” He tells her that when she is a slave she will instantly become stiff with her eyes wide open and she will say, “ I am a mindless obedient slave, and must obey my master” and she will stand with her mouth wide open until he gives her a command. He tells her that she will always respond to every command “yes master, I hear and obey.” He then tells her to wake up and not remember anything. She then wakes up and again says that the guy is full of it. He then says “slave” and she instantly goes stiff and says “I am a mindless obedient slave, and must obey my master.” He then tells her to put her arms up in front of her and walk around the room like a zombie repeating, “I am a slave and must obey my master.” He then has her drop to her knees and gives him a BJ with her arms by her sides. He wakes her up during the BJ and she is of course very angry. As she gets up he again says “slave” and she is once more his slave. He commands her to strip down to her underwear and sit on the couch with her legs crossed. He again orders her to give him a BJ. He orders her to put her arm up while she is sucking on him. He then sits down next to her on the couch and wakes her up again acting like nothing happened. She awakes and is quite angry and confused as to why she is in her underwear. She grabs the pocket watch and holds it up in front of her face and tells him that his stupid and this thing can’t anyone. At that point she drops back against the couch with her head down and is back in a trance. He again pleased that his pocket watch works and tells her that when she wakes up she will want to be his submissive slave. He wakes her up and she looks at him and says “I am your submissive slave master”. He orders her to get on the floor with her arms back and wrists at her ankles and face on the floor. He then fucks her doggie while she repeats, “I am your slave and I will obey.”

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