Taboo Family Affairs Krystal Orchid – Sexdoll Haywire Re-wire FullHD 1080p

Taboo Family Affairs Krystal Orchid - Sexdoll Haywire Re-wire FullHD 1080p

Krystal’s step-father wanted to get her something extra special for her birthday so he had a custom look-a-like wind-up doll made for her. Her geek step-brother Johnny plays around with the remote and discovers there is a sweet & sinner mode. “This programming is so archaic” he says out loud. He switches the doll to sinner mode and she comes alive. “Hello, you’ve activated sinner mode. Do you want to play” she says with a smile. The Krystal doll tells him to lie down and pulls out his cock. “I am programmed to please”. Johnny plays with the doll remote while she’s blowing him and something goes drastically wrong. He clicks a series of buttons that makes her going haywire. She pops up, starts shaking and her wind-up key drops off. She says you’ve activated the slut sinner mode and begins undressing. “You look so much like my step-sister that it’s scary” Johnny says. She tells him she was built that way. The Krystal doll climbs on top of him and slides his dick inside her. “My pussy is self-lubricating” she tells him. Johnny can’t believe what’s happening. “She feels so real and looks so much like step-sis. She even has braces” he thinks to himself. “What position would you like to try next? My memory says I like doggystyle” she tells Johnny. He fucks his new robotic friend in all her preset positions until her program is complete. Thanks step-dad…

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