Taboo-Fantasy – Sisterly Favours FullHD 2015



Oddette Delacroix trades three sex favors with a well hung guy with long hair.
Little Odette is learning that she can get whatever she wants in life……if she uses her “assets”!!!! Over the course of a week…..Odette does 3 “favours” for her older Brother…….in exchangefor him helping her with things that she wants!! Odette first approaches her older Brother, Conor and asks him if he would agree to do the dishes for her that night….because she wants to go outwith her friends. Conor, of course, tells her to Fuck Off….but when Odette offers to give him a Handjob…..Conor agrees to take the Handjob, and do the dishes!!! Odette Jerks him Off….and she’soff to hang out with her friends!! Simple!!! A few days later, Odette wants something else from Conor. She has a crush on one of Conor’s friends…and she wants the guy’s phone number. Conor refusesto give Odette his friend’s number….so Odette offers to give him a Blowjob!! Odette sucks her Brother Off….she gets the number!! Simple. The week is drawing to an end…and Odette has a big termpaper coming due for her English class. She sucks in English….but her Brother Conor is an A Student. Odette knows that writing this term paper will take many, many hours….so she arrives inConor’s room….ready and willing to provide a “big favour”!! Odette offers to let her big Brother Fuck her, if he’ll do her term paper for her. Conor agrees….and the two Siblings Fuck each otherhard, until Odette’s tiny, sore little cunt is filled with her Brother’s semen. Odette may be walking gingerly for a few days…..but her English Grade should be stellar!!!

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