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Mommy really wants to step her game up and get those 6 pack abs. Her new friend Cory told her that she would receive the optimal effects if she drank my cum straight from the tap!! Mom sucks my cock, nice and deep, and slurps up every last drop of my cum. Mom is certain that this method is better than jerking me off in to a cup…


The following day, my mom is watching football naked on the couch and decides to call me in to the room again to drink more of my cum! She thinks that she is starting to see some results, but she has not yet achieved the body that she wants. I am still unsure that I want to be doing this, but mom threatens to take my internet away and I can’t lose the internet!! How would I play my video games?! I allow mom to suck my hard cock again and she drinks all of my young cum… and then I am allowed to go back to playing Call of Duty!


I can’t believe mom expects me to keep doing this 3 times a day, every day, but I have to do what she wants if I want to keep playing my video games and using the internet…!

Scene Three:

Mom is still not satisfied with her body and even though she has swallowed my cum 3 times today, she is convinced that she needs it a 4th time! She calls me in to her room and takes my cock out but I can’t get hard this time! Four times today is a lot for a young boy, especially since I have never done this with any girls before! Mommy decides that sucking my dick isn’t doing enough for her anyway, so she asks me to get a special liquid out of her drawer and I pour it on her pussy. Then she asks me to stick my cock inside of her pussy… and suddenly I am getting hard again!

“I didn’t know my son’s cock was going to feel so good on my pussy!” she moans. My mom then gets on top of me and continues to ride my cock until she cums hard on top of me. I keep fucking her until I get close to cumming and then I pull out and cum in her mouth so she can swallow all of my young cum and get all of the effects that she wants. Mommy should definitely be getting those 6 pack abs shortly…!!

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