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The Battle for Earth – Miss Wonder FullHD 1080p

The A Private Investigator as a civilian, Miss Wonder is contacted by a doctor who works at a medical facility. Dr. Russell is scared over recent events and suspects the lab is using his patients as human test subjects for some highly experimental steroid compounds. Many patients have recently disappeared and a few have even passed at the lab. His boss has put a gag order on him, but the doctor seeks out Di anyway. She promises to look into things and retrieves an address. Upon further investigation, she discovers the address, which is a nondescript warehouse, is in fact a disposal facility for dead human test subjects. At least, that's what she thinks until one comes to life - then two - then three. It turns out the experimental compound they've been injected with has morphed with a genetically engineered virus and these former patients are now infected, brain dead, super strong entities running on animal instinct with a pension to kill. It seems the lab's experiments to create super soldiers is actually working. But tonight, Miss Wonder finds herself face to face with an enemy she's never encountered. She can survive 1... but 2? 3? Find out what happens!
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RYE Cyterion – TheRyeFilms – KOs, forced orgasms FullHD

Kara goes undercover at a government facility that has been making headlines for it’s nearly indestructible alloys. She encounters a very strange scientist who doesn’t seem quite right. and determines that she isn’t human… Kara excuses herself from the meeting hoping that her new alien friend will follow. Unfortunately the mysterious woman nearly kills the other scientist forcing Kara to change into Superior Girl and confront her. The tall and seemingly powerful woman explains that she is from Cyterion and needs fuel for her ship. She further explains that SuperiorGirls body will do just the trick… A fight breaks out that soon becomes a fight for survival. SuperiorGirl sorely underestimates her and learns the hard way that Cyterians are stronger than Krystonians. Superior Girl hits her with everything she has but its just not enough to do any serious damage. SG finds herself on the receiving end of a devastating beating and is knocked out. She wakes up strapped into a power sucking device to feed the Cyterian’s ship. She tries plead with her captor but the machine powers up and drains all of SG’s powers. The woman decides to torture SG even though she has what she needs. The other scientist tries to rescue SG but gets mind controlled into violently fucking Superior Girl. He shoves his cock down her throat and then up her ass forcing SG to cum over and over. SG begs the Cyterian to stop him but mercy was not in the cards…
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