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That Bondage Girl – Dixie Comet – I Have A Fever 1080p

That Bondage Girl - Dixie Comet - I Have A Fever 1080p Dixie shows the furnace repairman to the furnace. He says he’ll take a look and asks if Mr. Comet is around to approve of any repairs. She tells him that Mr. Comet had a bit of a nervous breakdown and is staying at a nice, relaxing place upstate and that she’ll be able to give him any approvals. He tells her it will be a pleasure doing business with her as he reaches out and shakes her hand. Her eyes go a bit wide at his firm handshake and she takes a minute to let her gaze linger over him as she smiles slightly. Dixie hurries to the phone and calls her friend Suzy as she thinks she’s going to have another one of her “episodes”. She explains that she had to call a furnace repairman and a big, burly man with a firm handshake showed up...Dixie’s weakness. Her friend suggests to call her doctor to talk it out but to also take one of her pills and to nap her feelings off. Dixie agrees and calls her doctor but is very disappointed when he’s out of the office. She rushes to her bedroom and finds her pills. Waving a sigh of relief she goes and tells the repairman that she’s laying down for a nap and to just leave the estimate and see himself out. He agrees and watches her walk away and then turns back to his work. She stops at the doorway and looks back at him. She bites her lip and grabs her crotch before hurrying into her room.
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