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Bettie Bondage – Sperm Addict HD 720p

Bettie Bondage - Sperm Addict HD 720p Your new neighbor practically accosts you outside one afternoon. She’s really worried, but she seems hesitant to tell you why. She asks you to come over, so that you can help her. Once inside, she explains that she has a, uhh, a condition. Very rare, very hard to talk about. You see, she tells you, she needs sperm. Hot spunk. Daily. Regularly. And she’s just come from the doctors with her dose, but she spilled it! And she needs it, desperately. Can’t you help? If you could just sit back and let her blow you three times—yes, three full loads!—then she would just be so indebted to you. Who are you not to Love Thy Neighbor?
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Xavier Blacking – Stepmom cucks loser stepson with dilf FullHD 1080p

 Xavier Blacking - Stepmom cucks loser stepson with dilf FullHD 1080p This DILF introduces his boy to his new stepmom.. She looks at her husband and just cant believe how far the apple fell from the tree. I mean look at your boy he's nothing like you are you sure he's even yours? He assures her he is and hopes that she can mold him into a better boy. She laughs and says the only thing she can do as his stepmom is help him learn his place as a beta cuck. And tells her new husband to do his boy a favor and fuck her in front of him. After all it will be the only way he ever gets this close to a pussy. Shocked but in agreement he does. Stepmom pulls out his dominant BBC and sucks it as she tells the boy to look at what real men can have and he never will. She tells him as painful as this is to watch its for his own good the sooner he accepts his place as a bottom the better
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