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Mistress Victoria – Make Me Queen Step-Brother – Light Blackmail Talk 1080p

Mistress Victoria - Make Me Queen Step-Brother - Light Blackmail Talk 1080p Topless and Pussy Flashing in this clip. Hello Step-Brother, so glad you cuold stop by My side of the palace. I wanted to talk to you about something Step-Brother. I know your coronation is coming in the next few days....How are you doing with that? ... Good. I know you will make a great King. But you know what makes an even greater King Step-Brother...A woman by his side, who knows what she is doing. Who knows how to be in control...Who knows how to get what she wants. Haha, you think I have a few of my friends in mind step-brother? Step-Brother...I have something much more special in mind for that. Something you have been wanting, been needing, I know you love secrets. Ever since we were little , all those secrets we've been keeping (*rubbing My nipples as I say this*) and if you don't want anyone to find out...you are going to name Me Queen. you are looking a little squirmy about that. Step-Brother...if you want this, if you want Me, if you want to continue to stroke your cock to me...and maybe I will let you fuck Me...Don't you want to fuck Me? your hot Princess step-sister. And Me being Queen it'll make you feel even better. How about you explore My body a little more step-brother...I'm going to be in control of everything, including your cock. I'm going to grind on you and pull these tits out till you explode. Stroke it for Me. No Princess, No Queen...is ever going to match Me in any realm.
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