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JokersQuin – My Dad is bigger than my BF – Real Incest SD avi

jokersquin-my-dad-is-bigger-than-my-bf-real-incest-sd-avi They have been making snide remarks about one another, acting passively aggressively, and lashing out. The two of them are a viscous cocktail of venom, hormones, and the desire to be alpha bitch! Jasmine is strong minded and not one to back down. She's had enough with the way her mom has been making her feel, and she has devised a way to end this silly back and forth once and for all. Jasmine has set up a hidden camcorder in her parent's living room. She hits record then starts her video diary.
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JokersQuin – Bad Daughter begs for Daddy`s Dick HD avi

jokersquin-bad-daughter-begs-for-daddys-dick-hd-avip This clip includes: dad/daughter, father, daughter is failing classes, friend hides and watches from inside closet, dad punishes daughter by making her apologize on her knees, daughter gets an attitude, dad makes her touch his cock, handjob, blowjob, face-fucking, crying, dad pushes daughter's panties down, clit rubbing, fingering, fucking, doggystyle, cum on ass** "Fuck, what did you get on your report card?"
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