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Daddys Dirty Girls – Shelby Paige – Fuck N Spank Me Daddy HD

Daddys Dirty Girls - Shelby Paige - Fuck N Spank Me Daddy HD Shelby has a rally kinky side that sometimes gets intense. After some pretty hot taboo fucking she begged to be fucked and spanked. After she was tied she started begging for my cock and I couldn't stop myself. The whole time I'm fucking her she keeps calling me Dady too so it was no surprise that I blew a huge load on her eventually
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Shelby Paige – Sodomize Me Daddy – I missed You That Much SD mp4

shelby-paige-sodomize-me-daddy-i-missed-you-that-much-sd-mp4 After being away at college for quite some time Shelby was really glad to be home. After a slightly rocky but very explosive reunion with her Daddy things returned to normal. One night when Shelby and Daddy were "snuggling" things got a bit wild and Shelby begs her stepdad to take her virgin rosebud. After warming her up with his tongue and fingers he proceeds to please Shelby in more ways than she ever imagined. *SPECIAL PRICE shelby-paige-sodomize-me-daddy-i-missed-you-that-much-sd-mp4
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Shelby Paige – Shelbys Homecoming small – Daughters Do It In The Bible pt 1 SD mp4

shelby-paige-shelbys-homecoming-small-daughters-do-it-in-the-bible-pt-1-sd-mp4 Dear Diary, Graduation finally came and Daddy actually made it. As soon as I had the chance I pulled him into a classroom for a minute. He told me he was sorry for not visiting and that we'd talk when I got home. When I tried to kiss him he pulled away which really has me nervous. I hope he's not seeing another woman!! We'll find out in a few days. Xo Shelby Xo shelby-paige-shelbys-homecoming-small-daughters-do-it-in-the-bible-pt-1-sd-mp4 Dear Diary My flight was delayed and the rental place was full of idiots so I got home very late. Not wanting to wake Daddy I decided to pleasure myself and as luck would have it my toys were still in my room. I masturbated quite awhile thinking of daddy in the next room and even made myself squirt. I can't wait til morning. Xo shelby Xo
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