Tatum Christine – Cheat with Her Sister – Foot Focused HD 720p

Tatum Christine - Cheat with Her Sister - Foot Focused HD 720p

You walk in the kitchen to find me standing there. I tell you good morning and asked how you slept. I ask if my sisters gone to work already… she has so I have something to ask. I tell you that I’ve heard you guys having sex every night since I’ve been visiting. I don’t think it’s real, I mean there’s no way. I hear her moaning and screaming all night saying she’s coming over and over again. You say it’s very real and now I’m curious how you’re making her cum so much. Most guys can’t make a girl cum once but you’re doing it all night every night, You tell me you have a magic cock, I obviously laugh bc that’s ridiculous. You swear. Just touching your cock will make a girl orgasm. Now I’m even more curious and feel like I need to touch it. I’d never do that to my sister though. You tell me to just put my feet on it, that’s innocent enough. I agree but it’s not enough. I’m weak and feel so good I can’t stop. I beg you to fuck me after a foot job, but I keep sucking it, begging for more. You finally fuck me and I cum twice. You cum inside me (simulated bc I’m allergic to cum lube)

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Resolution: 1280 x 720
Duratio: 00:26:43
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