Tatum Christine – Pervert by Nature featuring Sydney Harwin FullHD

Tatum Christine - Pervert by Nature featuring Sydney Harwin

Tatum Christine

This is based on a true story! Sydney got it down so accurate it’s almost scary!!! You’re sitting in the kitchen with your wife when you’ve given her the news that your daughter, Tatum, will be coming to stay with you guys! You tell your wife it’s just for a bit, she’s been kicked out of her apartment and is having money problems. Your wife Sydney is obviously upset and for good reason… she thinks your daughter is up to know good always. The black sheep of the family and always after something… usually money! Your wife confesses she hasn’t been the biggest fan of me ever since I threw myself at you all those years ago during the family party…. Your wife tells you its a bad idea and you should have just said no… it’s too late and here I am! Knock knock knock guess who! You’re favorite daughter Tatum is here! I know you’re wife doesn’t like me although I don’t know why… its bizarre and I’ll never understand it. I’m your daughter after all! I admit that I will stay out of her way so I don’t annoy her but now that were all living together for a bit… a lot can change

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