The Hottest Diaper girls – Bailey Page in Tomboy HD 2015



Scene One: Be my girl

Cory’s daughter has started dressing like a tomboy. Where did Cory’s cute little girl go? Now that she is hanging out with her friends all night long Cory doesn’t even know who her daughter is. Cory needs to take control of the situation. Bag in hand Cory barges into her daughters room. Amid protests and brush in hand Cory spanks her bottom. Cory demands that her daughter lose the boy clothes, and the daughter is forced to strip naked for her. Cory has picked out some very cute things for her daughter to wear, but first she must be powdered and diapered. Laying on the bed Cory diapers her embarrassed daughter. She shows her daughter why women like showing off their boobs and she licks and sucks her daughter’s tits. She kisses and makes out with her pinching her nipples.

Scene Two: Cum like my girl

The daughter is dressed by Cory in the cute outfit her mom has picked out. Cory then puts make up on her daughter talking about how cute she will be. She brushes her hair, before taking off her shirt and having her suck on her breasts. Cory wants her daughter to cum like a girl to complete the training. She guides her daughter’s hand down the front of the diaper and helps her masturbate groping her daughter’s tits. The daughter cums hard in her diaper and they ….

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