The Tabooddhist – Step-Daddy Luvs Me – Odette Delacroix 1080p

The Tabooddhist - Step-Daddy Luvs Me - Odette Delacroix 1080p

Odette has been having problems at school with her peers. She wants to go to a new school because everyone is calling her slut and whore just because she kissed a boy in between classes. Shes also being sexually harassed in the halls; her butt and breasts are being grabbed and its making her really uncomfortable. Its really affecting her and alienating her and she doesnt feel respected.Her step-dad overhears her on the phone saying she wants to go to a different school so he asks her to talk to him about it. She confides in him like she always does and he gives her some fatherly advice to talk to a principal or teachers, but she doesnt want to get in trouble for kissing at school. Its just a group of 4 or 5 guys that keep heckling her. So her step-daddy takes matters into his own hands. He wants to take care of his baby girl because thats what daddies do. He comes back with a black eye and a nose. But her problem is solved. Theyll never look at his baby girl ever again. Hed do anything for her. She helps to clean up his face, gingerly touching his wounds. She wants to help him feel better since he is so good to her. She gives him a hug and a kiss. Hes so nice and strong. She starts to fondle him. She wants to give him a little prize for protecting her like he did today. So she unbuttons his pants and starts to stroke his big, strong cock. Then she puts it in her mouth. She sucks his dick, looking up at her big strong step-daddy. Then she takes off her shirt so he can suck her nipples and kiss her neck. Then she goes back to sucking her daddys dick until he cums in her mouth.

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