Torvea Customs – Candle Boxxx – Mother Knows Best (SD/2016)



Candle’s son is quiet and shy and hasn’t yet had a girlfriend. She worries he is holding back because of some hang up or another. Sometimes you’ve wondered if he might be gay. Because you have hopes of him starting a family one day (and also of making you a proud mom by being a fine husband and lover to some lucky girl), you decide to intervene and bring him out of his shell.

So one evening she knocks on her son’s bedroom door and comes into speak with him. Her hair is up and she is wearing a robe that reveals plenty of her luscious toned legs. After some small-talk, she gets to questioning her son about his behavior. He admits he is shy about women and has a fear of failure with them. Prepared to do anything for her boy, she suddenly gets the wild of idea of initiating him into the world of sex herself. She doesn’t believe there could be a better or more loving teacher for him. What follows then is a skillful seduction in which she builds up her son’s confidence and turns him into a man. It’s easy for her to do because he’s secretly desired her for a long time. His fixation on her is part of the reason why he hasn’t had a girlfriend.
And so her son’s fantasies begin to become a reality as she first shrugs off her robe and invites him to look at her delectable female body in lingerie. After some hot poses for his benefit, she joins him on the bed and starts to get serious. First, there’s a hand-job and blowjob; then she has sex with him cowgirl, missionary and doggy-style until they both cum. Shot POV

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