Tyler Faith , London River – Billionaire Breaking Bad – Episode 5 FULL EPISODE – Bad Chemistry HD 720p

 Tyler Faith , London River - Billionaire Breaking Bad

Primal’s Femme Fatale Nylon Vixens

Faith Tyes finds herself bound on the floor in Dr Bellum’s secret lab. Her expertise in knots comes in handy and after hard struggle she is able to free herself. Meanwhile agent-for-hire River Damned has found her way to the lab, a cat fight ensues

PART TWO – The Heat of Battle

Bellum discovers the two dangerous women locked in mortal combat and sprays some of his experimental compound into the room.

PART THREE – Experimentation

Dr Bellum decides to take advantage of the compounds effectiveness and both Faith and River can’t fight the irresistible slut impulses coursing through them

PART FOUR – A Cordial Introduction

MI6 super agent Quinton Cordial finds his way into the lab and finds Faith and River bound and gagged along with several vials of an unknown compound. He has a suspicion about what Bellum has been working on, and there is no point in not taking the opportunity to see what it does

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