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Part 1 My poor sister just found out she got cheated on. She’s hot… her boyfriend fucked up. She wants some payback and since her boyfriend and I haven’t met, she wanted to take some photos of her with another guy to make him jealous. I just happened to be around, so I’m it! She ended up stripping and I got to take some nudes of her to piss her boyfriend off. Wow, I’ve never seen my sister like this, and I feel weird saying it, but 10/10 would smash. I had to get a handfull of ass when she pulled her panties to the side. She was kinda weirded out by that, but whatever. tbh I’m kinda glad my sister is single now… I’ll get to spend more quality time with her


Part 2 – Lux, my little sister, has been staying at my place since her boyfriend cheated on her and they broke up. She’s going through a rough time, especially at night when she lays awake pining for her ex boyfriend who’s probably in bed with another girl. She came out to talk to me really late while I was relaxing, crying that she can’t rest and she’s tried everything. It’s weird, but the best way I could help her relax is to eat her pussy and take her mind off of things. To be honest, I haven’t stopped thinking about my sister’s cute little pussy since she showed me the other day when we were taking those pics. I really love my little sis and I wanted to make her feel better, so I took off her panties, spread her legs, and made out with her pussy. WOW she’s got a cute little pussy and she got really, REALLY wet. Her asshole was really pretty too, so I’m glad she asked if I’d bend her over and eat that too. I love my little sister so much. I hope she gets some sound rest tonight

Part 3 – Starring Lux Lisbon (Twitter @fireflyeyeslux) – See Part 1 FREE video and part 2 available for download. My little sister Lux has been pretty sad since she found out her boyfriend had cheated on her. It’s been great having her around, though. Ever since I helped her relax by making out with her cute little pussy last week, she’s kind of snapped out of it. She’s been walking around with a little pep in her step, even flirting with me here and there. It’s weird, but exciting. Tonight I was relaxing and she walked out in her panties and a skimpy little top. She said she was so grateful to have such a good big brother, and she wanted to help me unwind like I helped her. She offered some “manual stimulation”. She’s so sweet to me. She gave me handjob to completion like only a loving sister could

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