Melanie Hicks in Mom uses me for Revenge HD (




Scene One: Lonely Husbands Video

Dad is away for work. He messages her that he’s horny and he wants Mom to make a sexy video for him. That sounds like my husband she says. She looks at the video camera but has no idea how to use it. Honey can you come in here for a second? she yells to me.
I walk into the room to have mom ask a favor. She wants me to help her record a video. I hold the camera as mom takes off her robe. What kind of video is this going to be? I ask her nervously. She rubs her pussy in her pink panties and bites her lip. I’m sure you’re missing these Mom says to Dad as she takes out her big tits and plays with them. She grabs a pink vibrator out of her drawer and rubs it on herself. Mom are you sure you want me to record this? I ask her. She doesn’t think it’s a big deal and rubs the vibrator on her clit.
Her eyes close and her mouth opens in wordless pleasure as she gets herself off. She moans and shutters as she cums in front of me. We have to edit this, we can’t let your dad know you recorded she tells me. As I leave the room mom says I think he had a boner. to herself.

Scene Two: Watch me suck our son

The next day Dad emails back. I enjoyed your video, but next time I want to see you give a blowjob to someone from the club he says. He loves watching mom being a slut. Melanie doesn’t want to get dressed up to go out and hit on men all night. Honey can you come in here for me? she yells to me.
She tells me that dad enjoyed the video but he wants to see her give a blowjob. Dad doesn’t have to know it’s you She tells me. Please? She pleads. I reluctantly agree and mom pulls her top open. She lays you on the bed and pulls down me pants. Rubbing my cock in her hand she starts to suck on it. This feels so wrong letting mom give me a blowjob. She lovingly sucks me, her hair cascading over he legs. She moans as I cum inside her mouth with my big load. She shows the cum in her mouth to the camera letting it drip out on her chin. That was a big one she says swallowing it down. I hand her the camera and beg her not to let dad know it was me she sucked.

Scene Three: Watch me fuck our son

Mom we need to talk about what happened yesterday I tell her. I’ve been up all night thinking about how wrong what you did was. I don’t see anything wrong with that Mom tells you. She tells me about dad’s next request. He wants her to fuck someone for him. I don’t want her to have sex with a stranger but I know it’s wrong what she’s asking me to do.
She hands me the camera and pulls down my shorts. A part of me wants this but the rest screams that it’s immoral and that I should stop. She rubs her hands over my body and puts my cock into her mouth. She pulls down her top exposing her large tits as she continues to suck me better than I have ever been sucked before.
My mom pulls down the rest of her lingerie and straddles on top of me. She slides my cock inside her and breaths hard as I fill her up. She loves bouncing on top of me, her breasts going up and down as she fucks me. She moans, bounces and bucks against me. I tap her as I get close to cumming and she spins around to put my twitching cock in her mouth. She sucks and jerks my big load into her mouth and swallows me all down.

Scene Four: Sons revenge cream pie

Naked on the bed Melanie gets another email from her Dad. I really enjoyed your video He says I showed it to all the guys and they loved it he tells her. She’s pissed that he showed it to anyone and especially the people he works with. Melanie will show him! She calls me into the room.
Dad pissed me off! She tells you I was thinking about getting some revenge. I want to fuck and send him the video She’s going to let me finish inside her and tell him that his son has been fucking her. That will really make him angry. I start recording putting mom on her back and fucking her making her tits bounce with each thrust. She screams with each push as I jack hammer into her. I fuck her in every position on the bed until shes a moaning mess fuck toy. Her tight pussy makes me cum shooting my load deep inside her. I hope you liked that honey She tells Dad on the camera That was your son by the way she smirks at her revenge. She pushes out the cum for Dad to see her wet and messy cream pie. Our marriage is over she says as the camera turns off.

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