Vore Giantess Fantasy Sasha Curves – A Little StepFamily Bonding FullHD

  Vore Giantess Fantasy Sasha Curves - A Little StepFamily Bonding

Vore Giantess Fantasy Your giantess stepmom decides it’s time you and your stepsister got “the talk” and no, not the one you got at school. stepMom wants you to learn about the fun side of sex. How to give yourselves and your partners pleasure. You’re both hesitant – isn’t it weird to do this with stepfamily? stepMom reassures you that it’s all natural and it’s something you’ll be very grateful you learnt beforehand once it comes to losing your virginities.

You go along with it, watching as stepmom plays with herself and encourages you both to play with yourselves too, to find what feels right. She urges you to come closer, to get right up close to her giantess pussy to see how wet and creamy it is. You’re all getting very turned on watching each other as you play with yourselves, but stepmom can’t control her orgasm and accidentally slides you and your tiny stepsister deep inside her own pussy as she cums. You both know you shouldn’t, but you’re so turned on that you just can’t say no when instead of finding the way out, your horny stepsister asks you to try putting mom’s lesson into practice, while you’re both still inside of her…

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