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I brought my new Fiancee Kendra home to meat my mom and dad, Kendra was super nervous. my mom greeted us at the door and was really sweat, we made a little small talk and i asked where dad was. mom said dad was on a work trip and felt really bad for not being here, i said i understood( i was actually really happy my dad was gone, i wanted some alone time with mom) i asked mom what she felt like doing tonight? she asked if we would be up for a movie night, we said hell yeah!


later that night we all sat down on the couch to watch the movie, mom knocked off half way through. when the movie was over i asked Kendra of she was ready for bed, she got a wicked look on her face and we started fooling around on the couch with my mom right next to us. Kendra got really wild and started sucking my dick, i was so worried mom would wake up. after a few minute i told Kendra to go wait in my room and that i was gonna wake mom up and let her know we were going to bed.

after Kendra left i woke mom up and she saw the bulge in my pants, she asked where Kendra was and i told her she had called it a night. so mom decided she need to suck my dick and she did! after a few minutes i was worried Kendra would come looking for me so i told mom we would have to play more later. when i walked into my room Kendra was naked and horny, so i fucked her like a champ. after a few minutes we both came and that was how my first night home with my mom and fiancee had gone. i cant wait for tomorrow.

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