WCA Productions Crystal Clark – Mom Helps With Wicked Hormones HD 720p

I’ve been having a crazy problem lately, I’ve been get boners non stop and they hurt. I’ve been jerking off as much as i can but they just keeping happening and hurting. it got so bad that while at school i went to nurse and she called my stepmom Crystal. I got sent home and when i walked into the house and found my crystal waiting for me. she asked what was going on so i told her everything and even that my dad had already taken me to the doctor and even that didn’t help. I explained that I could even jerk off anymore because of the pain. she told me to go sit in my room and wait for her to come talk to me. she came in and after going over everything again she asked if i could keep a secret and i told her i could. she said if i was willing to keep my mouth shut she would be willing to help me reach some relief. i told her hell yeah and she reluctantly started jerking me of, her hand felt great and before long before i shot my nut and was able to relax. i kinda cant wait till i need her to help me again!

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