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This is the complete series of Mom Helps Son Win A Scholarship, it is a POV Mother Son Taboo series. This series stars a sexy milf who goes by Dede! you can buy all 3 parts right here at a discount.

I’ve been playing football my whole life and its been my dream to get a scholarship to play collage football. Now that its my Senior year of high school and my chance to win a scholarship is here somethings wrong. i don’t know whats going on but i haven’t been able to play well, i cant get my groove right. So today is game day and before i left for the game i went into my moms room to say goodbye and id see her at the game. when i walked in my mom asked me what was wrong and i told her, i know her and dad cant afford to send me to collage so my only chance is to get a scholarship but i wont get one if i dont play better. my mom said she under stood and offered to help motivate me with a reward if the team won the game i played well. i said that would be great and left for the game, and we won! i came home expecting a new car or iPhone or something like that but my mom told me my reward was gonna be a handjob, my jaw nearly hit the floor. my mom is a super hottie but i didn’t think something like that would ever happen , my mom told me to get naked and lay on her bed. my mom stoked my cock so tenderly it felt amazing, i told her i was gonna cum and she garbed a towel and let me cum in to that. when she was finished she said dad doesn’t know and this needs to be our secret and if i keep playing good the rearwards would get better, i know my mom is gonna help me get my scholarship!

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