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Hurry While Dads In The Shower Complete Series

This is the full and complete series of Hurry While Dads In The Shower, this series stars Helena Price. This is a POV Taboo Cheating Milf Dick Flash CFNM Masturbation JOI Handjob Topless Blowjob Hardcore Creampie Sex, you can buy all 4 parts here at a discount.

Hurry While Dads In The Shower Part 1
My mom comes into my room every morning to get me up for school, she always gets me when dads in the shower. me mom and dad all have to get to school or work in the morning so we have to be efficient and on time, especially when it comes to showering. so mom always come into my room and makes sure ip up while dads in the shower, then once dads done in the shower its my turn to get in. im the last person to shower in the morning so there normally isn’t a lot of warm water left which sucks for my morning jerk off sessions. anyways one morning mom came in wearing a short shirt and cute pink panties that made her ass look amazing. once she knew i was up she walked out to go make breakfast and all i could do was think about her juicy ass. i came so hard in the shower that morning think about her ass and i wanted to see more of it so i came up with an idea. i wanted mom to see my dick and how hard she made me and i figured the safest time to do it was in the mornings when she came into my room and dad was in the shower. so the next morning i laid on the bed complete naked while stroking my cock and i kept my eyes almost closed. mom came in and spent a couple of minutes staring at my cock! after she came out of her trance she walked back out of the room and closed the door and knocked, pretending like she was just now coming into the room. she told me to get up and get in the shower! the next morning i did the same thing, mom came in and started at my cock. then she reached out and shook my leg, u jumped up and tried to cover my boner and pretended to be surprised! she asked me why i started jerking off at this time in the mornings and i told her that i have to come in the mornings or i cant focus at school. i told her that i normally do it in my morning shower but her and dad had been using all the hot water. the whole time i was explaining myself i kept slowly masturbating and mom kept watching me. finally she just told me to hurry yo and finish while my dad was still in the shower.i was a little shocked and asked her if she really wanted me to keep going with her still in the room, she nodded her head and said yes. with that i jerked off and came super hard with my mom watching me, i cant wait for tomorrow morning when dads in the shower!

Hurry While Dads In The Shower part 2
After my mom watched and encouraged me to jerk off yesterday morning while dad was in the shower i was able to think about anything else! so this morning when mom came into get me up for school i made sure i was ready. when mom walked in my door i was laying on my bed stroking my cock. she started asking me why i had to jerk off right now, she tried to sound upset about it but i noticed she didn’t take her eyes off my dick! i told her it was the only time i could jerk off since there was never any hot water left for me in the shower. i also told her it was kinda her fault as well. she snapped at me and asked how it was her fault. i told her that she looked so good every morning and was always wearing skimpy clothes. her eyes were still locked on my dick but the compliment seemed to put her in a better mood. she told me she understood and that i needed to hurry since dad would be out of the shower soon. after i jerked off in front of my mom for a few minutes i could tell she was getting anxious, i said i was sorry that it was taking so long. i asked her if she could strike a sexy pose for me to help me finish faster and to my surprise she agreed! i thought life couldn’t get any better having my sexy half naked mom pose for me while i jerked off and my dad was in the next room showering. i thought i could cum any second but i decided to hold off and see what else i could get out of my sexy mom. i told her i was sorry but i still couldn’t cum, she stood up straight and looked at me with a irritated look on her face. i started acting said and panicked, i told her i didn’t know what to do. i kinda sobbed a little and said dad was going to be out of the shower soon and i just couldn’t go to school with my dick still rock hard. mom still looked nervous but she also looked concerned about me so she went into full mom mode! she grabbed the bottle of lube from my night stand, jumped on the bed between my leg and before i realized what was happening she grabbed my dick and started stroking it! in no time at all my mom was draining my balls and send me of to school with a smile on my face. i cant wait for dad to take his shower tomorrow morning!

Hurry While Dads In the Shower Part 3
When my mom Helena came in this morning i was already awake, naked and hard as a rock! she still seemed a little annoyed with our little morning routine but i could tell she was getting use to it. we said good morning to each other then mom went right into a complaint she had and i could tell it really bothered her. she told me that every morning she gave me a handjob i was lasting longer and my dad only spent so much time in the shower. she was worried about getting caught and so i needed to find a way to speed things up. i decide to take a little gamble and ask if she could use her mouth on my dick. i told her that would probably make me cum faster, she thought about it for a minute then agreed. before i knew what was happening mom reached out, grabbed my dick and lowered her mouth down to it. after mom had been sucking my dick for a couple minute i asked her if she could take her robe off, when she did i noticed she was only wearing panties and no bra. so having my topless mother suck my dick while my dad was in the shower was more then i could take, mom swallowed my cum then sent me to take my morning shower while she went to the kitchen to make breakfast!

Hurry While Dads In The Shower Part 4
It was the morning and i was already naked on my bed waiting for my mom to come in! i heard the shower kick on and i knew that meant was getting in which meant me and mom would have our normal 20 minutes of naughty morning time. mom came in wearing a short white robe and a big smile on her face. mom shut the door behind her, walked up to my bed and said something that blew me away. she said she has been taking care of me every morning and now she wanted to be taken care of as well. mom dropped her robe and was completely naked, she crawled up on the bed between my legs and started sucking my dick! before long mom looked at me and said she wanted to fuck me, with that she straddle me and lowered herself on my to my dick. for the rest of the time dad was in the shower me and mom fucked like animals and i can deep inside her pussy. now every morning while dads in the shower me and mom get the day started right!

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