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My stepmom Jasmin and i have never gotten alone, shes always been a total bitch to me. my buddy mike turned 18 last weekend he went to a strip club and he saw my hot stepmom there dancing. since my dad works nights there is no way he would know and no way he would ever stay with her if he found out. mike took a video of her on stage and sent to me and i decided to have some fun with this. i found Jasmin in the kitchen, we made some small talk and then i dropped the bomb on her, i showed her the video.


when she saw it that confident bitchy look on her face complete disappeared. she instantly started offering me things like money or to get my dad to buy me a car. i told her i didn’t want that, what i wanted was for her to dance on me like she does with other guys at her work.

she said hell no right away but i told her to think about it and if she still says no then ill show dad the video. i gave her a few hours then confronted her in her bedroom, she caved and agreed. i decided i wanted the dances on the bed she shares with my dad, so i walked around the side and took my pants off. she wanted to know why i was getting naked and i told her so i can enjoy the dance more! she did a slow sexy strip in front of me and the she straddled me and started grinding. it was so hot watching her juicy ass grind on my dick that it didn’t take me long to blow my load on her without asking! needled to say she was kinda pissed but fuck it shes gonna keep dancing for me until i say otherwise!

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