WCA Productions Luci Power – Mom Really Needs My Dick In Her Mouth

WCA Productions Luci Power – Mom Really Needs My Dick In Her Mouth

WCA Productions Luci Power

This is a single episode story called My Stepmom Needs My Dick in Her Mouth. My dad had left town for a business trip which meant I was home alone for the first time with my new stepmom Luci.

Not only was it our first time alone but also, I realized later on that this was the first time my dad and Luci had been apart since they got married. Our first day alone was pretty laid back, I talked to her in the kitchen, she said she was going to lay down for a little bit but then she would get started on dinner. A little while later I went to look for her since I was getting hungry, when I poked my head in the door I froze. My sexy stepmom Luci was naked sitting on the floor sucking a dildo. I know I should have turned around and walked away but she looked so hot I couldn’t stop watching, she was sucking the dildo so hard a moaning so much I needed to watch her more. Eventually I was able to sneak away, all that night it was all I could think about. The next day when I got home from school I found Luci on the couch, we made some small talk and then I told her what I saw the day before. She was shocked the ashamed and then told she had a strong oral fixation. I was kind of confused and she told me that she was addicted to sucking did and with my dad gone she was really struggling and all she could do to keep from going crazy was to suck in a dildo and that was really getting the job done anymore. I decided to take a risk and before I knew it I was offering her to use my dick until my dad got back. To my utter surprise she said yes and not long after my stepmom was on her knees in between my legs sucking my dick. Before long I came and she swallowed every drop, she thanked me and we went on with our night like nothing happened. The rest of the week went on like that, my stepmom would suck my dick whenever she needed it and before long the week was almost over, and my dad would be home the next day. So on our last day alone when I got home from school Luci was waiting for me wearing a sexy pink bikini. We made a little small talk and Luci asked if I could help her out with her little problem and I agreed. So after I was laying on the bed that my stepmom and dad shared with that same stepmom between my legs again sucking my dick! Before I was able to cum, she stopped and said she was really thankful for all my help and wanted to pay me back. A little while later we were fucking like crazy, she was riding my dick like a champ. Soon after that I shot my load deep inside my stepmom moms juicy pussy. Even after my dad got back my stepmom kept sucking my dick every day after school, I’m glad I can be there for her. This is a single episode story called My Stepmom Needs My Dick In Her Mouth, this series stars Luci Power.

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