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Supergirl and Wonder Woman search for a super-powered criminal, one whom they have never confronted, so his powers remain unknown. Suddenly, he appears in their midst, but disappears just a quickly. The teleporter reappears behind Wonder Woman, taking her lasso and wrapping it around her, immobilizing her. He attempts to surprise Supergirl from behind, but is unprepared for her strength. Deciding it would be wiser to let others fight his battles, he orders Wonder Woman to take care of Supergirl, however she would like. Unbeknownst to any of them, his command, and the magic effects of her lasso, unleash a deeply hidden lust for the sexy Supergirl. Calling forth all of her Amazonian power, Wonder Woman dominates the confused Supergirl, and turns her into a submissive bitch. Ripping off Supergirl’s panties and stuffing them into her mouth, Wonder Woman laps at her Kryptonian cunt, before sitting her wet, hairy pussy right on Supergirl’s face. When the villain returns, he joins in, he and Wonder Woman spit-roasting Supergirl and leaves her face dripping with cum. As the villain escapes, Supergirl starts to give chase, but is stopped by a still horny Wonder Woman groping and kissing her.

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