Family Therapy Ariel Grace – Mutual Understanding HD (720p/

Added: 5/19/17 4:42am

I know you told me to clean my room but… I just thought I could help you more in the laundry room Daddy. I think we could reach an understanding… Daddy, I know you miss Mom a lot and you’re really stressed out about me. But I can make you feel better… Don’t act surprised Daddy, I see how you look at me… Don’t worry I’ve done this before… I know you’ve heard me getting fucked in my room when I bring boys over… Daddy, you’re so hard, just let your little girl help you. You already know you will….

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Family Therapy Aviana Lace – Are You Watching Me HD (720p/

Added: 6/1/17 7:24pm

I want you so badly. I wish you could come over… I want to ride your big hard cock until you make me cum… Are you watching me?? Sorry, I have to go, I’ll call you back soon. Come down here. Why were you watching me? I’m your sister… It’s my room too, I can touch myself if I want… You haven’t thought about doing it? Then why is your cock so hard?.. Don’t worry about my boyfriend, what he doesn’t know won’t hurt him. He isn’t here, and I’m horny right now…

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Jayne Cobb – Stepmom Fucks Naughty Stepson HD (720p/

Jul 26 2016

We were out and about today and you just wouldn’t listen. You kept doing things I asked you not to, you even embarrassed me while we were shopping for my new lingerie! I’m so mad right now! It’s time for you to be punished! I want you to sit down, and take what’s coming to you! I’m going to tease you with my hot MILF body, and make you crazy jealous of what your dad gets to fuck! My perfect soft milky white tits with pretty little pink nipples! They’re so hard when see that bulge in your pants! My pussy is so juicy! I can see you trying to fight it. Your dick is getting harder by the second, your balls ache and your dirty mouth waters at the sight of my pink pussy. How did your dad get so lucky! I play with my wet pussy, making it wetter until it’s dripping down my smooth thighs. I love the taste of my own pussy. It’s just so sweet! But then your cock is so hard you can’t take it. You knew you wouldn’t be able to hide it forever, and now I’m touching you with my feet while wearing those stockings you like to sneak into my bedroom and sniff. You’ve even used them to jerk off before. They feel so good and I know it’s torture for you so I wrap my feet around your throbbing cock, getting your precum all over them and start stroking you. Your heart is pounding, your knees are weak. You’d do just about anything for me at this point! Now that I’m so turned on by how bad you want me, I tell you to get up, it’s time for you to make it up to me. So you take your big dick and start rubbing mommy’s pussy with it.Teasing my clit and making it swell. Take your dick and press it inside me nice and slow. First just the head, you can already feel how tight I am. You’d always wondered why you could hear me moaning when your dad’s out of town. Now you know! It’s because his cock is so small, I’m practically a virgin. You’re better in every way, including your bigger dick! It fills and stretched my pussy until it almost hurts! You can see me blushing now, my pussy creaming more and more with every thrust! I want it bad! I want you to fuck me and show me how good you feel inside me! I can’t take it anymore, you’ve been pounding my pussy and it just feel so good! I start cumming and screaming your name and you can’t hold back either. My tight pussy squeezing your cock and milking your cum right out of you! I beg you to cum in my pussy! It’s okay, baby, no one will know! Just do it for Mommy! Cum in my pussy

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Butt3rflyforU Fantasies – Mommy Dresses Up In A Sexy Christmas Outfit For You! HD (720p/

Added: 12/9/15 9:00am

You are always masturbating secretly to me but this time I am going to dress up in a special holiday outfit and actually encourage you to stroke that cock right in front of me! I want you to show me what you do and what you think about when you think of me! I am flattered you love my tight body and huge tits! I want that hot load ALL over my huge tits at the end of this video! ENJOY!

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Butt3rflyforu – Milf Humiliates Cuckold For Uncut Cock Fullhd (1080p/

Added: 1/16/16 9:00am

First hardcore Video with Rae Knight / Butt3rflyforu

You are traveling and have not had any sex with me for awhile. I can’t keep my secret anymore! Your uncut cock disgusts me! I have been going to our neighbors house almost daily so I can suck and ride a perfectly cut and BIG cock! I just can’t take your small, disgusting floppy foreskin cock any longer! I want you to watch how a real hung stud pleases my pussy! I even saved the cum filled condom for you to have sloppy seconds! ENJOY!

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Princess Leia – Skype with the Virgin Next Door HD (720p/

Added: 10/12/17 02:41PM

Fresh Incest Video with Leia

Please would you show it to me. I’ve never seen one before. I just thought maybe you were horny enough to show me. Pleaaase! You like spending your time with me don’t you? You like spending more time with me than with my mom. I’ve seen it. Every time I walk into the room your face lights up. I can tell your hard. Oh my god! You like taking your cock out in front of a younger girl? I guess I’m horny…someone could walk in at any moment though… Okay you start stroking and I’ll do my best to show off what I can…

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Butt3rflyforU – Full Moon Transforms Frumpy Mom Into Hot Milf Fullhd (1080p/

Added: 2/3/17 3:00pm

You come over to my house and you are a terrible influence on my son! Whenever you are around, my son is lazy and does nothing but watch video games and TV!!! You guys waste the entire day!!!!!!! I will even pay you to NOT be his friend!!!! I notice the sun going down and getting darker and darker….and little do you know, when the moon is full, I transform from a conservative , frumpy mother into a Hot a fuck MILF that you just want your cock in every hole….I beg you to leave…telling you take my money…call an uber…JUST LEAVE!!!!!! But it’s too late…the moon is out and it is FULL!!!!! Slowly you see my frumpy flats and ankle socks transform into black thihg highs and hot red bottomed heels……then buttons start popping on my ugly, long polka dot dress and by huge , fake double d’s pop out!!!! Your eyes are bugging out of your head!! Your dick is beginning to throb and to your disbelief, I start complimenting your body…and telling you how good you look and that I LOVE young boys that come over!!! My ugly dress is now a RED HOT TIGHT club dress that is so tight I can’t even wear panties under it….I start bending over and showing you my tight, hot milf body and telling you how I love seeing your cock grow in your jeans! I demand that you take it out and start to stroke it to me….I bend over and insert my finger into my wet pussy from behind and you can hear the gushing and how wet I am….I am begging you to stroke…telling you how fast and asking where would you like to cum!?!?!?!?! This is a dream come true for you!!!!! You now know only to come over just as the full moon is exposing itself!!!! You know that I will expose everything to you!!!! ENJOY!

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