Bare Back Studios – Luke Longly, Alissa Avni – The Taking of my Daughter Full Incest Video mp4 2018

Scene One: The Beginning

Alissa comes home, wearing sweaty athletic clothing after she has been working out/running in. She does not realize she has been teasing her father…She barely wears any clothing and this turns her very restrained father on. Mom is getting older and no longer has a tight body like Alissa.

We follow her into her bedroom where she undresses and walks into the shower, she showers slowly, she then wraps herself in a towel and walks back into her bedroom. She turns and screams into the camera, “Daddy!” The Father comes flying out of nowhere and tackles her knocking her onto the bed. He pins her shoulder with his knees and forces her to give him head and then gets on top of her and has sex with her in the missionary position until he cums. He staggers off exhausted with his pecker still hanging out and she curls up crying. She of course begs and struggles until he enters her vaginally. She then lets out a scream and lay back into a daze afterwards until the end. This act is when she loses her virginity which leads to Alissa going into shock from it.

Scene Two: The Middle

A) The Daughter is naked and on her knees, really being face-fucked by the Father who is holding her hair in his hands and is fully dressed.

B) The Daughter is on all fours. Top on, jeans around her ankles. Red faced and crying. Being hammered doggy-style. The Father lets out a grunt, when he gets up and walks away; she collapses crying and very slightly convulsing and the camera closes in on her face.

C) The Daughter is in a bikini standing against a wall, her back, back of her head, and butt pressed up against the wall. The Father moves into the scene; he kisses/nuzzles her lips, shoulders, neck, etc., She is unresponsive except she starts to cry silently. The Father removes her bikini. He pulls out his pecker and starts masturbating while finger-fucking her and sucking her tits, until he forces her legs apart and then screws her standing up.

D) She is standing up, bent over bent over the dinner table while the Father screws her from behind.

Scene Three: The End

Alissa, wearing blue jeans and a bare midriff is standing next to her bed shaking, looking down at her feet. She shakes her head, pauses, and then begins to undress. Letting out a couple of loud sobs during this. Dad grabs her by the hair and kisses her hard on the lips. He shoves her onto the bed, grabs her legs and places them over his shoulders and leans forward as far as the Daughter’s flexibility will allow. He screws her in this position for a while. He then flips her over and roughly guides her into the doggy-style position with her knees barely on the bed. He screws her like this until he cums. As he starts to walk away, she says in a monotone, “Daddy, we have to talk.”…eyes blank and says, “Daddy, I’m pregnant.”

Scene Four: For the Family

Waiting for him to use her, and laying naked on his bed, Alissa tells her father she’s going to keep the baby. He runs his rough hands over her tight little body as she pleads with him. He fingers her wet pussy and makes her rub his hard cock. “Daddy” Alissa whines, on the edge of tears. It’s been an emotional roller coaster for her. She doesn’t know what to do as her father spreads her long legs and thrusts his throbbing cock inside of her.

She can feel him completely filling her tight hole, stretching her out and making her wince in pain. Like his perfect bitch, he makes her get on all fours and fuck him. She’s so obedient now letting her father have whatever he wants from her body. To be used like an object “Am I doing it right daddy?” Alissa moans as she rides her fathers cock. From somewhere deep inside her an orgasm builds and she cums, her tiny tits bouncing and shaking. For being such a good girl he gives her a treat, his delicious cum poured into her mouth. “Good girl” he whispers and leaves her to get cleaned up.

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Abusing mothers trust XBJx – Hot Premium Porn Video HD mp4 2018

Added: 3/21/18 06:30PM

I cant help myself, the need to be inside her body and her mouth have my cock in between her hands, feeling her body, sucking her breast, be apart of her again connected like one…

Its so strong the feeling is driving me insane… The urge to fuck her grope her body in her silk nightie, making her want me in such a way she can help but want me more than she wants my father, me her own and flesh. The need is so strong I dont think I can control myself tonight any longer…Im sorry mom but I need to have you now with your consent or without it.

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Kathia Nobili – Your first experience of PUBLIC sex with your MOMMY! Our Secret Date mp4 2017

Added: 12/19/17 12:47pm studio/76113 Could you wish for more this Christmas?!

You love your new relation ship with your mother…or…with your sexy MILF leman!!! And you can’t have never enough of the secret date you having with her!
Every time, you are going to the hotel room or apartment mommy rent for you two, you already feel your cock growing in your pants from so much excitement.
But this time is not the same! Mommy call you before you even leave to house and asking you to meet her in the coffee house. Weird…would you get lucky today and be mommy’s good boy?!
You just arrive but it didn’t took you long to find your mom there! Fuck..she look stunning!!! To seeing her so beautiful…with her red lips, with tight short skirt…yeap…your dick is knocking on your zip. She is already waiting for you and made the order. But…bad news for you!

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Taboo Handjobs – Claire Heart, Darryl Hanah – Mom teaches virgin daughter to give a handjob mp4 FullHD

Added: 2/12/13 11:10AM

I have such a hot and sexy boyfriend. I really love him and would do anything for him, except give up my virginity. I don’t think I am ready to do that. We were making out pretty heavy in my bedroom and I was again feeling the pressure to go all the way. The only thing I could think to do is go next door to my mom’s bedroom and ask her advice. My mom is pretty smart about most everything and sure to give me the best answer to this dilemma. I want to keep my boyfriend and I also want to keep my virginity. She did present a solution that I think will be the best for all three of us. She said people our age, college age have raging hormones but guys have it even worse than girls. She said guys just basically need to cum and they don’t generally care how. They just want that release.

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Taboo Diaries – Akira Shell – Please Fuck My Butt Daddy – I’ve Been Waiting All Day SD mp4 2017

Added: 7/17/17 6:22pm

Oh daddy you’re finally home! I’ve been waiting all day for you to get back, I have a surprise and I know youre just going to love it. It starts with an A and ends with an S S thats right daddy, my ass is nice and ready for you! I spent all day playing with my puckering ass hole, cumming more than I ever thought possible! Daddy it feels so good when I put a plug in my ass, I simply need your cock in it! Please cum fuck my little shithole daddy!

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Taboo Diaries – Akira Shell – Time To Do My Chores – After Daddy Motivates Me SD mp4 2017

Added: 12/18/17 4:49pm

Earlier today I was taking a perfectly good cat nap when daddy came in and woke me up with a hard smack on my jiggly ass! Talk about not cool! What’s even more annoying is that he was going on about me not doing the dishes. I mean come on! That’s so not fair! My sister hardly EVER does any of her chores anymore, but she gets to be as lazy and slutty as she wants with you! It’s about time I get to have some alone time with you. You know, if you fucked me more often then maybe I’d do more chores…

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Taboo Diaries – Penelope Reed – My Sister Caught Us And Ruined My Plans With Daddy SD mp4 2016

Added: 12/5/16 11:15am

Dear Diary,
Last night my sister was gone and I knew I’d have some time alone with Daddy. I decided to finally confront him with my desires and live out my fantasies. I dressed in my sexy lingerie and stockings then waited on my bed for Daddy to come home.
When he did I called him in my room and was pleased to see the effect my outfit had on him. After A bit of talking Daddy and I started messing around and soon his hard cock was in my pussy like I’d imagined. Daddy made me cum a few times and was just about to cum in me when my sister barged in. Needless to say she ruined my our plans but theres always the weekend!!
Xo Penelope

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Taboo Diaries – Penelope Reed – Penny Wants Her Daddy – More And More Each Day SD mp4 2016

Added: 10/28/16 5:18pm

Dear Diary,
A few weeks back I walked in on my sister having sex with someone. When I saw it was Dad I couldn’t help but watch. Now every time I’m alone I start getting horny and imagining what I saw. I touch myself and fantasize about daddy doing the same things to me. The way he pounded my sister’s pussy was so hot it makes me come when I think about it. The more I fantasize about it the more I want to make it real between Daddy and I. I just don’t want my sister to be mad.

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