Taboo POV London River – Widowed Step Mom needs my cock now HD mp4 [720p/2018]

Added: 4/20/18 6:06am

My Stepmom hasn’t had sex since my dad died over a year ago. She told me how lonely she is, but guys her age want long term relationships and she just wants to fuck a little. She asked me if any of my friends would want to fuck her. And that is when I did it, after all these years of jerking off and thinking about her. I told mom that I would give her what she needs. A nice young hard cock.

She laid me down on the bed and started stroking my cock. She’s been my mom for years, but I’ve grown up and she has aged so well. I’ve always had a thing for older women and she was the first older women I jerked off too. The way she stroked my cock was perfect. She took off her dress. Mommy looks so sexy naked just like I thought. She loved my cock in her hands. I could tell how turned on she was. Putting my cock between her MILF tits. Rubbing up and down. She put her beautiful ass and pussy in my face while continuing to rub my dick. Then on her knees like a good mom she jerked me until I came for her like a very good boy. Don’t worry Dad, I’ll take care of mom!

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Elouise Please – Accidentally Fucking My Brother BOY GIRL FullHD mp4 [British/ UK/1080p/Oct 21 2017]

My friend recommended a male talent for me to film with, but when I answer my door I discover that it’s my Brother!! I’m really shocked at first and I can’t believe that she would send my own Brother round to film with me. But I really need to get this custom video filmed and I don’t have the time to get anyone else round. The custom video I’m filming is actually a Brother/Sister video too!! I double check with my Brother that he doesn’t mind and after getting over the shock, I decide to go ahead with it.

I explain to him what we need to do and we begin filming. I can’t believe that I’m undressing you and when I see your cock for the very first time I can’t believe how big it is. You definitely are my “BIG Brother!” We go ahead and film the custom and I whisper that I can’t believe I’m actually sucking my Brothers cock. I say that we should probably practice before jumping into the rest of the video and I want to see how your cock feels inside of my pussy, so I jump on top of you and you fuck me. We film the rest of the video and you fuck your little sister in different positions including doggie style, before giving me a huge facial! You cum all over your little sisters face and then feed me every drop. Maybe I’ll have to get you to film more videos with me, Brother

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Elouise Please – Our Favourite Game, Brother FullHD mp4 [British/ UK/1080p/2018]

Whilst Mum is out of the house, do you want to play our favourite game again, Brother?? You know it’s my bestest, ever since you first taught me how to play! I love making all of that stuff come out of your boy parts. I always win, don’t I? I do love winning our games. It’s so big in my mouth, Brother! Am I doing it right, just like this? I’ll keep going with my mouth and hands until I make it all come out everywhere. Then I have to clean up before Mum gets home, you said she wouldn’t let us play anymore if she found out, so it’s always been our little secret. I’m the best sister! ¦

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Belle Noire – Sorority pledge requires sperm – Let’s play Brother while they’re away HD mp4 [720p/2018]

Date Added: 01/13/2018

I really want to be part of the most popular sorority on campus. You’re probably wondering why I’m telling you this so here goes the reason. In order for me to be accepted into this amazing sorority I have to jerk off a guy and provide proof by collecting a sperm sample as well as take a picture of my hand on the cock. I don’t know any guys that I can just ask them to go along with this so now I am telling you what I need. It won’t be too weird. All you have to do is lie there and I will do all the work. No one will even know who’s cock I have a picture of or who’s sperm I have in this little container when I’m through jerking you. As long as you don’t tell mom and dad, this will be just between us. Besides, we’re only step-brother and sister so it’s not like I will have my hand on a real family member’s member.

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Wang-Her Pictures – Addie Dominates You her Older Brother With CBT and Then Fucks You good! HD mp4

Sister Addie Surprises “you” her older big brother while you are in bed sleeping, and confronts because you were threatening to tell mom and dad. She overheard you and your little brother talking about how she fucked him the other day. But she now has the upper hand on you, Literally she has your balls in her hands and is ready to squeeze them and twist them if you try to tell your parents. She says, “Lets just face it Big Bro, I got you by the balls!” ha ha ha She thought you had each other’s backs against your younger brother, and begins to blatantly lie and say that he actually came on to her, but in fact she was the person that tied him up.

She finally gets to the point, she wants to suck your dick, so she starts licking your cock. She says to you, “mmhm, it tastes good, I have always wondered what it would be like.” She can feel your cock getting big and throbbing every time she licks the tip, she tells you it looks almost like your younger brothers, but she figured it would. She begins to bob up and down on your dick, asking if your brother told you how good she was at sucking dick.

You tell her to stop because you think it is wrong, but she tells you that you don’t have any control over this situation and asks you if you know why? And then she grabs you balls and dick another time and begins to squeeze them in her hand, she now has the advantage and you have some sensitive balls, just hanging outside your body and easy for her to squeeze. She squeezes even hard and your balls start to stretch the skin, and she points to all the little veins and tells you, “So, don’t you try to resist me anymore it’s not going to work.” She then begins to suck on your cock again, she figured you to be more of the dominating type, but she now thinks you wanted to be dominated by her. She is still sucking on your dick and tells you to stop resisting her and to just enjoy it, she then tells you that if you tell mom and dad what happened with her and your little brother that she will tell them what happened with you two, and they will believe her because she is their little girl and she a princess. And they think she is perfect.

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