Family Manipulation Makenna Blue – Your Mom Finally Went to Bed SD (

I think I may have started something that I can’t stop… Lately my 19 yr old daughter and I have been spending a lot of time together, and bonding very closely. I really don’t let her drink much (cause she is under 21), but recently we have been watching a lot of sports together…and it’s hard not to drink while enjoying the games, so I admit that I have let her take the occasional sip here and there…

Maybe I’m the one who had too much alcohol, but after one of the baseball games that went extra innings deep into the night, we got to talking and we both shared some very intimate conversations. Somehow we got onto the topic of sexual intercourse, and before I knew it…one thing led to another, and I found myself making out with my daughter!

It was one of the steamiest kisses I have experienced in a long time! I don’t know if it was the alcohol, or just maybe it was just that I knew how wrong it was to be having an X-rated conversation my daughter…who by the way was wearing her pajamas which consist of a thin t-shirt that was almost see-through with no bra, that feel off her shoulder, and then little booty shorts that barely covered her butt cheeks.

After a few min’s of heavy kissing, I quickly came to my senses and told her that we couldn’t continue. She begged me to keep going, and showed me how wet I had made her. Somehow I had the power to say no, told her to go to her room….and then I went into my bathroom and rubbed out the most powerful jerk job of my life, cumming everywhere!

The problem is… Now she thinks its fun, and whenever we are alone she tries to temp me into doing what I so wanted to do the other night!

Watch as she teases and torments her poor father into saying yes and him succumbing to stick his hard throbbing cock deep inside her wet willing pussy. All while her mother is in bed in the other room!

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Primal’s FOOTJOBS – Tiffany Watson – Yoga Foot Job Hand Job Combo HD (720p/

You show up to the building you own to collect rent for each studio. Walking past one of the doors, you notice Tiffany stretching and doing yoga on her own. You start watching her bend, and stretch, and you notice her delicate feet. You can’t help but stare, until she flips over onto her back and realizes you’re standing there watching. She starts yelling at you, but you tell her you need rent and she’s 4 days late already. She notices you’re having a hard time not looking at her feet, so she decides to use them into getting out of paying you.

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Primal’s FOOTJOBS – Tiffany Watson – Jerks The Pervert Out Of Footjob HD (720p/

Tiffany is doing Yoga in the living room with her yoga tape on. Her brother comes in and grabs the remote and changes the channel to something else. Tiffany screams at him and lunges at him to get the remote and they start arguing and wrestling. Tiffany, pinning her brother down, realizes he has a boner! She decides she’s going to “jerk the pervert out of him”, but after stroking his cock for a few seconds, she decides he isn’t worthy of her hands.. so she uses her feet.

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Little Hope Harper – We’re Alone Little Brother FullHD (1080p/

Hey little brother, I’m getting ready for work but since we’re alone I kinda wanna have some fun! I haven’t been spending enough time with you so I’m gonna make up for it right now. See your cock was already excited to see me again!! You get so hard when I lick and suck the head it’s crazy. There you go little brother cum all over my hands…. Does that make up for it a bit? I’ll sneak in your room later and we’ll have even more fun!!!

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Little Hope Harper – Uncle Jack Is Back FullHD (1080p/

I love the holidays especially since the whole family comes in to town to celebrate. Uncle Jack is usually one of the first to arrive and this year was no different. As soon as he got here I got so excited and things got out of hand quick. I unzipped his pants and sucked his cock a bit but he knew what I really wanted. Uncle Jack gave me all the attention I was craving and pounded my pussy til I was shaking. After a few more orgasms Uncle Jack exploded all over my back and it was soo hot. I can’t wait to see what happens when my sisters arrive.

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Taboo Diaries – Sadie Holmes – The Night Daddy Came FullHD (1080p/

It Changed My Life Forever
Dear Diary,

I had been away at school a few weeks and I was really missing Daddy. When he was finally able to come see me I was super excited. I dressed in daddys favorite fishnet outfit and brushed me hair nervously anticipating his arrival.

It wasn’t long after he got therre that I got what I wanted, his hard cock in my mouth. Daddy didn’t waste anytime and soon had me riding him til I came. Daddy was pretty excited too cause as soon as he bent me over he pounded me til he came inside me.

Unfortunately I hadn’t been taking my pills and he creampied me on the day of ovulation so I wound up pregnant. I stayed away for several months but theres no denying my desires anymore.

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Little Hope Harper – When Daddy Came Home FullHD (1080p/

Daddys been going out of town so much lately I get pretty lonely and sleep in his bed. This time when he left I decided to redo his room a bit and make it more for me. I did my best to wait for him to come home but I fell asleep in the bed. I woke up to Daddy standing there looking a bit upset. We started bickering and soon we were wrestling on the bed. Daddy pinned me and started stripping me while he teased my pussy. Before long we were locked in an intense 69 where I almost him with my juices. Daddy flipped me over and started fucking me until I came again. He really started pounding me then and soon he blew a nice load all over my ass. If this is what happens when Daddy punishes me for changing his room I’ll keep doing it!!!!

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Little Hope Harper – While Auntie Is Sleeping FullHD (1080p/

Good morning uncle, ooops I forgot to set a place for Auntie. Oh she’s still sleeping? That means it’s just the 2 of us and just thinking about your cock has me so wet. C’mon, she won’t here us while I take care of that morning wood for you. Your cock is so hard already I know what you were thinking. Mmmmm you taste so good Uncle, I can’t wait to get that big load in my mouth. Oh my that was alot, I’m gonna go kiss Auntie and see if she notices!!

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