Taboo-Fantasy – Carol Cox – I Went To The Prom With My Mom! FullHD mp4 [1080p/2018]

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Peter is just about to leave for The Prom…..when his date calls….and she is sick!!! A HUGE disappointment. Peter has been looking forward to this night for 3 years!! Mom feels so sorry for him….she offers to go with him, as his Date….so that he doesn’t have to miss out on the big event. They actually end up having a great time…and all of Peter’s friends loved his Mom (after all…she did wear a see-through dress to the Prom!!! lol) Since most Prom Dates end in sex….Mom offers to give Peter the “full” Prom experience….and she fucks her young Son!!! Peter pounds the stuffing out of his Hot little Mother, and calls her “The Best Prom Date Ever!!!”.

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Sienna – My Stepmom is a Slut – Step Mom Locks You In Chastity FullHD mp4 [1080p/English/2018]

o I just got a call from your college. It seems that you are flunking three of your courses. I called your friends, who you know I’m close with, and they told me that it’s not the partying or the late nights. They told me that you have been fucking every slutty little college girl that will spread her legs for you. I will not allow you to flunk out of college because you can’t control your dick. So I’m taking control of your orgasms. You will wear a cock cage all week long and will only be allowed to cum on the weekends while I supervise. You won’t be wanking it all weekend to porn either. You will finish whatever projects you need to get done for your classes then I will unlock you and allow to stroke while I watch.

Yes, I’m very serious. We’re actually going to start practicing your new sex life right now. Pull out your cock. Pull it out or I will get my riding crop and spank your ass raw. Good boy. That’s a nice cock you have, no wonder the girls like you. Wipe that lewd smile off your face. I’m not a girl, I’m a woman and while your cock is nice, it’s not amazing enough for me to fuck you.

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Kianna Dior – Some classic KD Son tifuck roleplay – Bedtime with My Mom HD mp4 [720p/2018]

My son looks worried I ask him whats the matter and he says he’s worried as he’s never kissed a girl and he dosnt know what to do.. I tell him its easy its just like a kiss on the cheek and I kiss my son on the cheek.. Now try kissing me on the mouth.. my son dosnt want to so I show him how to kiss a girl and I tell him that kisses on the mouth normally lead to kisses other places.. I show him how they may kiss the neck then the stomach then move down to the private parts.. I tell my son that he should let me show him so when that time comes he will no what to expect he removed his trousers and I give him innocent kisses all along his dick..

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Kianna Dior – A special Mothers Day video for all my loving Sons HD mp4 [720p/2018]

Mom has just returned home and her son is there waiting for her. She’s dressed like a slut, just like he told her to. He knows that his mom has been off whoring… because he TOLD her to. In fact, he’d loaned her to a group of his friends and a cousin of his. More fun when you keep it in the family. His mom had eagerly agreed to do whatever her B*** boy wanted. Anything for her son. He enjoys listening to her talk about all the filthy things she’s done.. that he MADE her do.. while she jerks and sucks his cock for him. Mom begs to fuck her son. Fill her pussy with his cum. She’s been such a good girl. Done everything she was told. She’s earned that cum. Her son agrees… She’s the Perfect Fucking Mom…

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