Maternal Seductions – Nikki Brooks, Cory Chase – Puritan Mother FullHD mp4 [1080p/2019]

Scene One: Cannot Resist Salvation – Puritan Mom

I am in my bedroom looking at some naughty pictures of my girlfriend on my cell phone… All of a sudden, My Puritan Mom bursts in to my room asking if I am getting ready for school. I quickly flip my phone upside down to try and hide the dirty photos from my mom! “This filth! Lord help me… you are not allowed to play any sinful video games because of this! You need to go to church to get rid of the devil inside of you! You need to go to camp this summer to rid you of your sins” she starts to yell at me… Mom is pretty upset as she walks out of my bedroom with my phone in her hand… and all I want to do is just text my girlfriend back!! Mom goes in to the kitchen to hang out with my Aunt Cory. She starts to vent to Cory about what she just found in my bedroom. “My son was looking at TRASH on his phone!” she tells my aunt. Aunt Cory tries to convince her that she shouldn’t send me away to a Jesus-loving camp. My mom starts to day dream out-loud about how great it would be if I found a nice, conservative girl to marry and have with… but Cory starts to bring her back down to earth, by telling her how she doesn’t think her daydreams are going to come true! Now it is time for mom’s church show and mom doesn’t want to be late…

Scene Two: Rigged TV

Mom sits down in the living room to watch some TV, and she is still very upset over the photos she found on my phone earlier today. She turns on the T.V only to be put under a spell… Colors swirl together in a circle on the T.V and mom’s eyes suddenly become purple! Aunt Cory sneaks in to my bedroom moments later… She explains to me how she rigged our T.V to make mom do some crazy things! We walk out in to the living room to see if it worked… and based on how my mom is acting like she is frozen, Aunt Cory’s little game must have worked! “Stand!” Cory says, and my mom instantly stands up. I ask my mom to do silly things like touch her nose with her finger and stand on 1 foot… and she does what she is told, without even realizing she is doing it! We get my mom to grab her own boobs next! Cory tells her to un-freeze and she does… but she has no recollection of what she was just doing! Cory tells her to freeze again and she instantly does! Cory takes my mom’s hands and places them on her big tits next.

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Primals Transformations – Vampire Kajira Drains Her Date – Femdom Porn HD mp4

Striking redhead Kajira brings her date home after a fancy evening out, all paid for by him. As they start making out, she pauses to ask about the limit on his credit card. Confused and turned off, he goes to leave, but she easily tosses him down on the bed. Before he can get up, Kajira reveals her true form, fangs and all. Terrified as he is, he cannot run away when she uses her vampiric powers to put him in a submissive trance. Kajira is going to take everything she wants from her date, and there’s nothing he can do about it.

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Hypno Porn – Mind Under Master – Coralee Summers – Taste Test p2 FullHD mp4

…”Call me master” he commands.

“No, I’m not your slave” she says as defiantly as she can, but when he stands to leave she grabs at him. “Please don’t go, please don’t go…master”

He has her strip and then lets her suck on his cock. She bobs up and down, before fighting her urges one more time “What am I doing?” she says as she crawls onto the bed. Before long she’s, moaning “I need it. I need it.”

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Limp Fetish – Mind Under Master – Coralee Summers – Taste Test p1 FullHD mp4

Added: 3/6/19 5:44pm

Coralee is invited by her college chemistry professor to take part in a taste test study for a new candy. Right away the taste is like nothing she’s ever had before. She feels a sense of warmth and comfort as the sensation of her hands feels amazing against her body. Her pussy gets wet as she sucks harder on the candy before catching herself. “Why do I feel so good?”

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German Incest – Butt3rflyforu – Rae Knight – Aunty Swallows 4k Porn Video

You are staying at your Aunt’s for the summer. Your mom sends you every summer to spend quality time with her sister. You walk in my bedroom and I am getting ready for work, naked of course. I forgot you were now in the house since I picked you up very late last night. I quickly covered my myself with a towel but you already caught a good glimpse at my hot, naked body. You have always had a crush on your aunt. She is rocking hot with her huge double dd’s and tight body. I apologize for forgetting you were staying with me and tell you that I took a half day at work so we could spend the day together. As I am saying that my towel drops, accidently!”Opps, darn thing won’t stay up!” You feel your cock begin to stiffen and I notice it! “Oh dear honey, is that what I think it is?” “Did my naked body give you that erection?”….come to my bed and let your aunt milk and suck you honey….I can’t leave you like this!!!

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[American Porn/ New York] Clubdinasky – Sneaking Around With Step Son Big Dick FullHD mp4

This is the third installment of My Birthday Sex w/ Step Son’s Big Dick & Close Calls w/Step Son & Friend Big Dicks, in this one I am hosting a Family Reunion at our home and it start’s with me in the bathroom, wrapped with a towel, hair in a towel wrap, make up done, and getting ready, I realize your peaking through the door watching me, I usher you inside and say are you crazy if someone saw you we’d both be in trouble. Your insisting I suck on your cock, I say no not right now, we can’t do it anymore, but once you take out your big cock I just can’t resist wrapping my lips around it and sucking it.

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Goddess Siham – Mommys Christmas Wish – Kinky Family, Incest Video FullHD mp4

It’s Christmas and Mommy wants you to help her decorate the tree. No that your father and I are separated mommy needs you to be the man of the house. Tell mommy what you want for Christmas.Tell her what you really want. Mommy will tell you what she wants for Christmas. She want you. She wants her precious son for Christmas. I see the way you look at mommy. Now cum here and let mommy ride that young cock of yours!

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