British Taboo – SydneyHarwin – Explore Your Sister 4k mp4

Your sister is talking you through a very difficult time in your life. You have been broken up from your ex-girlfriend for two months now, but you are still not over her. Your sister explains to you that she would help if she could, but she doesn’t know what to do to make you feel better… She chats with you about old times, when you were both young and would play naughty games together, before you both really knew what you were doing.

You would both hide at the bottom of the garden and your sister would lift up her skirt and show you her panties. She remembers how you’d both get naked and look at and touch eachother’s bits, and you would explore your sisters body… She sighs and realizes that you were the happiest you had ever been in your life when you were growing up together… She pauses for breath before offering you to explore her body again now, but as adults who both know exactly what you are doing… It starts off with your sister stripping her clothes away slowly, and then she wraps her hand around you, pumping slowly, until you both lay down on the floor and masturbate next to each other, with your sister reaching orgasm whilst talking about how you both used to masturbate in bed together all those years ago growing up together… After your sister cums, she asks you if you’d like to take it further, which you say yes… She climbs on top of you and rubs her pussy against you, up and down, again, like you used to when you were young, but fully clothed. You slip inside of her, and as she bounces on your cock, she keeps talking about things that happened years ago and how she has always longed for this moment, to feel you inside of her… Contains lot’s of family talk, creampie at the end, handjob scene, stripping slowly and the vibe is sensual but the pace does pick up when you are nearing orgasm with your sister

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