Primal’s Darkside Superheroine Cobalt – Melissa Lynn – Overconfident and KO’d XXX HD mp4

Cobalt catches a thug in the midst of a ballys daylight burglary. She is radiating confidence as she uses a electrified burst of energy to put him down as he tries to flee. As she stands over the pathetic twitching loser, his partner sneaks up behind her with a rag and she starts losing focus before she can even begin to use her powers.

Cobalt hangs limply as the thug she took down carries her over his shoulder to the upstairs bedroom. He is the “jr” partner so the thug that took Cobalt down get to have all the fun with her, using the rag to keep her from getting to feisty

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Hypno Porn – Mind Under Master – Coralee Summers – Taste Test p2 FullHD mp4

…”Call me master” he commands.

“No, I’m not your slave” she says as defiantly as she can, but when he stands to leave she grabs at him. “Please don’t go, please don’t go…master”

He has her strip and then lets her suck on his cock. She bobs up and down, before fighting her urges one more time “What am I doing?” she says as she crawls onto the bed. Before long she’s, moaning “I need it. I need it.”

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Limp Fetish – Mind Under Master – Coralee Summers – Taste Test p1 FullHD mp4

Added: 3/6/19 5:44pm

Coralee is invited by her college chemistry professor to take part in a taste test study for a new candy. Right away the taste is like nothing she’s ever had before. She feels a sense of warmth and comfort as the sensation of her hands feels amazing against her body. Her pussy gets wet as she sucks harder on the candy before catching herself. “Why do I feel so good?”

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Mind Under Master – Anastasia Knight – Christmas Gift FullHD mp4

Once daddy can’t take it anymore he takes her over the the guest bed. No relatives staying in the house this year. He watches as she strips out of her christmas clothes to show off her young body. Daddy can hardly wait and flips her over, gently pushing himself inside her perfect little body. “Thank you daddy” she cry as he pounds her from behind. “Thank you for using me, thank you for using my eighteen year old body.” Daddy wraps his hand around her throat so as to prevent her from screaming out in pleasure. “Mommy won’t ever find out” she whispers as cheers of joy well up. “Daddy can I cum?” she pleads as she rides him. She can, but only if she stays quiet. She promises to be a good girl and quickly cuts for her daddy.

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Fifi Foxx Fantasies – Reagan Lush – Son Brainwashes Mom into His Breeding Whore, POV FullHD mp4 [1080p/2019]

Added: 2/25/19 12:00am

“Well, I guess dinner is almost ready,” Mom began to say, “and I think your father is going to end up working late again tonight.” The two of you sat at the dinner table, and you admired your beautiful, different shaped crystals.

“What are you playing with?” she asked. “Is that what you got in the mail today?” They radiated and glowed in your hand, and even Mom couldn’t deny that they were pretty. You raised a crystal up to her face and gently swung it from side to side as her eyes followed its captivating beauty.

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Double Hypnosis – Samantha Hayes, Tana Lea – Down with the Sickness Part 3 FullHD mp4

Chad walks into his bedroom to find his girlfriend Tana and her friend Samantha on their knees waiting to be fed. “How may we serve you master?” they ask as he enters. “Just another blowjob ladies” Chad replies and hops into bed. As they hungrily service their new master Chad feels its time to tell them the truth. “I need to tell you something, I was never really sick” he says, but they’re barely paying attention. Their sole focus on getting his cum. “I’ve actually been taking a high end drug that’s causing the addiction that you’re facing.”

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Hypno Blowjob – Samantha Hayes, Tana Lea – Down with the Sickness Part 2 FullHD mp4

“I can explain” Samantha says. “You can explain why you’re sucking my boyfriend dick while I’m [–] next to him?” Samantha nods and picks up Chad’s hand, “I know you can feel it. The need to taste him, there’s something about his illness that’s making us addicted to him. I’m so sorry, but I need it” she says before sucking on his fingers again. “Taste him with me, please”

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Mind Under Master – Samantha Hayes – Down with the Sickness Part 1 FullHD mp4 1080p

Samantha lays in bed playing with her pussy and sucking her fingers hoping to get just a little taste of Chad. “What’s wrong with me?” she says to herself as she gyrates hopelessly with need. “I need more” she repeats as the withdrawal starts to set in. She crawls into Chad and Tana’s room, quietly sneaking up to his fingers, “Just a little lick” she whispers to herself. Tana lays next to him as Samantha sucks and reaches for Chad’s cock. She takes him in her mouth and gets her fix.

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