Primals Transformations – Anna Bell Peaks – Vampire – Reunion With a Predator HD mp4 [720p/2018]

Added: 4/15/18 8:01am

Just as he is figuring how to deal with the loss of his granny, and gain of the massive inheritance Anna Bell contacts him on social media

He thinks he is so lucky when The hottest girl from Hig School wants to meet up for drinks. It’s been close to 30 years since graduation but Anna Bell has hardly changed at all. Sure she has lots of tattoos but, she was always kind of a “bad girl” and he never thought she even knew his name, much less has thought about him “almost every day” as she had messaged.

He has no idea, Anna Bell will take EVERYTHING he has by the time she is done

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Cali Carter – Subliminally Induced Uncontrolled Lust – Project Funding Series HD mp4 [720p/2018]

Added: 11/1/18 07:20AM

Mr Maximilian Maximus has to deal with the ex-wife of a Bill Carter, a major shareholder that lost half his share holdings in Maximus Global. Max sees that she is everybit the bitch that Bill said she was and she is demanding a tour of the companies Research and Development department. It seems she wants to know why so much money is spent on projects without disclosure to the board.

Maximilian knows just the man to show her how things work at Maximus global and sets her up with the new R&D executive Mr Bronson.

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Superheroines adult movies – Cory Chase in Brain Drain Chronicles FullHD mp4 [1080p/2018]

Scene One: Bat Gurl Vs Brain Drain
Daisy has been called into the school’s counselors office. “I’ve been noticing you having problems with classes” The counselor says. Seems like Daisy has been working a lot at her after school job and she’s failing classes. Too bad for Daisy that the counselor knows her real job as Batgurl, and she’s not really a counselor but the villain Brain Drain.

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Primal’s Darkside Superheroine – Raven Hart And Cali Carter – Enslavement of Wonder Woman and Power Girl HD mp4 [720p/2018]

Added: 7/11/18 12:51AM

Wonder Woman has tracked down the hide-out of an unknown bank robber. She is confronted by Black Adam who explains that it was a trap to lure her there just before he attacks. WW is confident as the villain has been on the run ever since she and Power Girl defeated him and sent him into hiding. Planning to use her lasso WW is totally confident in her victory, until Black Adam uses her own lasso against her. Black Adam forces WW to confess how he can get her under his control…

Black Adam continues his war with the Justice League. The last superheroine standing is Power Girl who is putting up a stronger fight than Black Adam expected. Power Girl gloats as she nears victory that while the rest of the heroes held him off she was super-charging in the leagues star-chamber absorbing yellow sunlight and augmenting her powers. Black Adam is nearly defeated but he uses WW’s Lasso to turn the tables

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Meana Wolf – Demon, Satan, Magic Control – Ruined In Hell FullHD mp4 [1080p/2017]

Added: 12/15/17 09:00AM

**Top 50 Hottest Clips on C4S!**

Welcome man. I’m here to give you your eternal punishment for your sinful life. Your endless lust and perversion have earned you an eternity of suffering. We all have our purpose… I am meant to make you suffer, and you are meant to suffer. Your cock is mine to play with from now until the end of time. How long before you go absolutely mad I wonder? Edged for eternity? Never to know the sweet surrender of orgasmic release? Every edge is the promise of ecstasy, and every denial leaves you more and more desperate. You hang on my every stroke… every flick of my tongue sends convulsions Into your body as precum oozes out of your cock. Go on… beg me. Beg me to cum one last time before your eternity of edging and torture begins. Beg me to let you feel that sweet kiss of orgasm, beg me to let the pressure build up inside you and let that cum shoot out of your cock. Beg me… Woops… did I stop too soon? Oh that must have just ruined that orgasm for you… that must have been so very unsatisfying… so very unfulfilling… and so very frustrating considering it’s the only one you’re going to get for all of eternity. An eternity is a very long time after all. Oh well.. time to begin again… Welcome to Hell. This will never ever stop.

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Primal’s ROBO KINK – Mouna’s Full Session – Full Service Robot HD mp4

Now we finish with Mouna programmed as fully obedient robot. Answering her Master’s every command. We have her pose and then have her vacuum. Now we activate her Blow Job Programming, first very mechanical, then imitating a “porn Girl” then she is told to get ready for master to cum, and she replies “robot ready to receive masters cum” and then she goes back to sucking until master cums and fills her mouth which she displays and swallows.

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Primal Fetish – Jasmine Wolff – Bitch Girlfriend Turned into Obedient Slave HD mp4

Lance comes home to find his girlfriend sitting around doing nothing, as usual. Day after day she does nothing to help out, and she doesn’t even go to work, she never wear anything sexy and it’s been a long time since she took care of his needs

Finally Lance has had enough, and with the help of a special product he ordered on line things change…

“Yes Master, I am your obedient slave”

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Tessa Fantasies – Freezing 4 twins and having fun with them! HD mp4 720p

NO real Sex acts all simulated


Includes: freeze device, two nerds, two bimbos, desperation, 2 model = 4 person in one screen! fake/simulated sex

Confrontation of sisters is always a hassle, especially when we are talking about the two pairs of twins, in each of which the two sisters have fundamentally different views on life. One day you and all four girls meet in one room and again there is a quarrel. You already tired fairly and you decide to really have fun with everyone prepared for this freeze device!

Two nerds take part the first in this wicked joke. You can not wait to see what is hidden behind this dreary clothes and excessive boredom. They sit as always behind books in a private room. It is really fun freeze these nerdies one by one. You’re touching one fixed women, bending over her book, for intimate parts, and the second woman resents what is happening with her friend! But she defrosted, not remembering what happened to her, responds that all okay! Ahaha, lol, thanks to the freeze device for the first time you get to see how nerdy girl looks blunt. After the disclosure of your secret girl are wildly, but eagerness to you will not help them until you fuck them frozen. Interestingly, are you their first sexual partner? Haha, does not matter! Leaving the girls in a ridiculous position, you go to bimbos.

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