Family Bath Time – Aunt Mandy’s Special Christmas Surprise – Mandy Flores FullHD mp4

POV It’s the winter holidays! My family is having a big family reunion and we rented out a big house so that all the relatives can spend time together for that weekend. This means that all my cousins, aunts, and uncles were here for the big get-together as well. I’m usually the youngest one at these family gatherings so everyone is very good to me. But my favorite was always you, my aunt. You always give me the biggest, tightest hugs and so many kisses on my cheeks. You treat me a little better than everyone else (sometimes even more than my own mother.)

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Jaye Summers & Emily Willis – The Bad Uncle Returns – Family Threesome Porn HD mp4

THE BAD UNCLE RETURNS UNCLE CONVINCES NIECE TO HELP LURE & SEDUCE HER YOUNGER SISTER PREVIOUSLY ON PURE TABOO: This is the story about how Diana (Jaye Summers) really lost her virginity. He’d been her dad’s best friend for years. Uncle Joe (Charles Dera), as he called himself, had watched her grow up — and she was his princess, the niece he never had. But once Diana turned 18, something changed about Joe. His fondness for her turned into an obsession. So he came up with a plan to get her alone… SCENE OPENS on present-day Diana and her Uncle Joe fucking in Joe’s spare bedroom on the bed, she is riding him cowgirl-style and clearly putting in a lot more work and enthusiasm…

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Goldie Blair – Aunties stocking tease HD mp4 [720p/ British / ARIZONA/2018]

Your MILF Aunt always dresses so classy sexy in high fashion silk stockings high heels and tight fitted pencil skirt and low cut fitted blouse you cant wait for her to come over to visit!…Aunt Goldie decides while your Mom is out the room to cock tease you with her sexy stocking legs showing off her stocking tops and garter belt and shoe dangling as she crosses her legs, bending over the couch to see her firm fitted skirt rise up over her sexy butt framed by the garter belt and her sexy shapely legs encased in so soft silk stockings, she dirty talks and verbally sexually humiliates you at being a perverted virgin who would love to be leg fucked with your Aunts sexy legs on day maybe she will teach you to be her leg sex slave?! but for now she will just JOI you while she cock teases you til you cum in your pants before your Mom comes back.

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Ashley Mason – Mommy and Auntie Creampie And Facials FullHD [1080p/American / Dirty South/2018]

My Sister has always been jealous. She has always thought she was better than me at everything. We got horney one night and she thought she was a better cock sucker than me. We called out my son and took turns sucking his cock in a blowjob contest. After we got him nice and hard Mom and Auntie both wanted to share his come. He blew his load all over our faces. What a yummy treat. We were still hungry for some so we had him fuck us both doggie and give us BOTH creampies. He was tired after that day.

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Cory Chase, Michele James, Addison Lee – Family Summer – Revenge Interrupted SD mp4 2018

Added: 11/15/18 8:45am

Scene Four: Revenge Interrupted

Mom is putting linens on a bed. The girls walk in. Cory looks at them, “What do you girls want? I’m not in the mood for any of your bullshit.” Michele puts a strap-on dildo on the bed. Cory looks at it fearfully. “What the fuck is this?” She demands. Addison pushes her aunt onto the bed and the girls attack her, and remove her clothes while she screams. “Please, please! Not you too! It was supposed to stop! You stupid bitches.” Cory begs.

While one girl holds Cory down the other fucks her with the strap-on. They take turns. Laughing, they degrade Cory. Michele calls her a whore-mother, a cumslut, a fucking piece of trash. Cory, trapped, disassociates completely. She can’t take the abuse anymore. Addison climbs on her and sits on her face, using Cory’s mouth to pleasure her pussy. Addison says, “If you’re going to be a cunt, you might as well suck on one.”

After a few minutes Luke walks in and surveys the scene. He throws a bottle to the floor, causing the girls to quickly stop and scramble to their feet. Cory slowly gets up off the bed. The three of them look at Luke. Luke walks to Cory grabs her and pushes her aside. “Stand there and watch what I’m going to do to the girls you’re supposed to protect, you fucking worthless whore.”

He turns to the girls. He starts to use Addison and Michele, spanking them, humiliating them for being the whores they are. He tells them that Cory is his property. They’re never to touch her again. The girls hate this fucking turned lecture. Their one outlet taken from them. Luke uses them like lifeless meat. He doesn’t care about their pleasure, or their pain. When he’s done he cums into Michele’s mouth with glee…

Satisfied Luke leaves the room. Mom is left standing in the Corner to ponder the new hell she is living in…

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Michele James, Addison Lee – Family Summer – Depraved Family Practice – Niece’s Stolen Innocence – The Last Straw SD mp4

Added: 11/16/18 8:45am

Scene One: Depraved Family Practice

Michele and Addison walk into the house, Addison is bubbly, laughing, happy. Michelle is somber. Addison says, “I’m so glad to be spending the summer with you. It’s so nice of your parents to let me stay here.” Michele’s only response is, “I guess. But my mom isn’t nice. She’s a bitch.” As she says this she pulls out her collar and puts it on. Addison looks at her strangely. She asks, “How come you always put that collar on when we get home?” “I don’t know, no reason.” Michele pauses. “I just like it, I guess.”

Addison tells her she’s going to the bathroom. Michele stands there, her empty eyes surveying the living room. Dad comes up behind her and gropes her tits. “Is my baby having fun with her cousin?” He starts kissing her. “Dad, not now. She’s going to see.” “You don’t say no to me. Take your fucking clothes off and turn around.”

Scene Two: Niece’s Stolen Innocence

Addison is getting ready to shower. She preps herself for a few seconds. Uncle Luke walks in, startling Addison. She drops her towel and tries to cover herself up with her arms. Uncle Luke says, “You don’t have to do that. We’re all family here.” Addison keeps covering herself, “It’s just weird with you seeing me.”

Luke pulls her arms away. “I said it’s okay.” Addison protests and starts to pull away. Luke starts to touch her. He grabs her pussy, causing her to yelp. “You ever have a man touch your pussy, or just little boys?”

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Virtual Kissing – It Starts with a Aunt`s Kissing Lesson SD mp4

Did you honestly not have any idea what you were getting yourself into when you asked your own aunt for a kissing lesson? Of course, you couldn’t ask your mother; she’s not so open-minded. But your aunt’s pretty open… she’s unmarried after all and has a certain sex appeal. She must be an excellent teacher. So, you’ve asked for her help, just so know you what you’re doing if and when you have the chance to have a first kiss. Your aunt’s invited you over, telling your mother that she needs you all day… for some “manual labor.” One thing leads to another… no, it’s not even your intention. Your aunt… well, she starts off very open, very helpful, full of candid information, and even instantly kissing you passionately to get the ball rolling. She goes through ever kind of kiss, explaining them honestly, and demonstrating them on you one by one so you get plenty of practice. But she’s getting turned on… SHE’s getting carried away. And when you’re shoved down on the couch in your aunt’s living room as she starts kissing you all over your chest and manipulating your erection, you make sure she knows that you don’t intend to do THAT until you’ve met the right girl. She doesn’t care. It’s too late. Your aunt is going to ride you. She’s going to get her fill, again and again, growing more aggressive, leaving you no choice. By the end, you’re all tied up, and your aunt informs you that you haven’t seen anything yet!

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