UNCLE JACK’S NIECES – Kitty Catherine, Jack Moore – Thundering Orgasms – Uncle/Niece Taboo Porn – Premium Video FullHD 2017

Added: 11/2/17 01:56PM

It was a dark and stormy night, really, it was. Kitty was trying to sleep but every time she heard thunder it scared her so she came running into Uncle Jack’s room. Jack was reading and he hardly noticed the thunder so when Kitty came running in scared it surprised him, a pleasant surprise no doubt. Kitty wanted to cuddle up with her Uncle Jack, he made her feel safe. That closeness made her feel safe and, feeling safe, the fear of the storm went away but in its place the urge for more contact took its place.

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MILF Magic – My Room-Wrong Room with Helena Price and Jack Moore – Wrestling Fight Uncle with Niece FullHD 2017

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Jack just got into town for some meetings, he was tired after a long trip. He got his key from the front desk then went up to his room looking forward to just throwing himself into bed and doing nothing for a while. He opened the door and when he walked in he realized there was someone in the room, it was a gorgeous woman, naked and pleasuring herself. Obviously, she was in need of pleasure. Jack was tired but not that tired, he would be happy to help out that gorgeous woman and besides, in some of these hotels, service is a big deal and maybe she is one of those services.

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Lady Sonia – Show Aunt Sonia Your Huge Hard Cock – masturbation encouragement, Bad Nephew FullHD 2018

I know that I’m your aunt but I had no idea that you had suck a HUGE cock! I have seen you looking at me of course… I have seen you looking at my big tits and my long legs but I had no idea that you were so big! Would you like Aunt Sonia to touch it? Gently stroke it? Would you like Aunt Sonia to give you a long slow wank as we talk? Your uncle wont be back for a while yet so if you want to you can shoot your hot thick spunk all over me while I enjoy playing with your HUGE hard cock!

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UNCLE JACK’S NIECES – Gisele Squirts with Gisele Roxx and Jack Moore – Uncle/Niece Taboo Secret Porn FullHD 2017

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Gisele was hanging out at the house. Poor girl was horny and well, she could take care of that and got out her favorite toy. It was feeling really good but it just wasn’t quite doing it. About that time Uncle Jack happened to walk in. He saw what she was doing and, always willing to help, Uncle Jack offered to see if he could take a little stress off her. Uncle Jack started massaging Gisele’s clit. It seemed to be working pretty well but Gisele wanted more and Uncle Jack is so helpful. Gisele reached under Uncle Jack’s robe and started stroking his dick. The hand just wasn’t enough, Gisele wanted more and she really wanted her orgasm, Gisele really enjoys her orgasms. Gisele instructed Jack to fuck her. By that time Gisele was already really wet. Uncle Jack bent Gisele over the couch and slid his dick in her, Gisele took it all and wanted more. Jack stroked that soaking wet pussy. The harder he stroked the more she wanted. Gisele was getting wetter and wetter then as she came she slid off Jack’s dick and squirted. Uncle Jack loves it when she squirts and rubbed her clit really hard and she kept on squirting. but neither she nor Jack were done, they both knew they both wanted more. Gisele sat Uncle Jack down and licked and sucked all her juice off his dick and when she was ready she climbed on his dick and rode it like a wild girl. Gisele hammered away on Jack and then squirted some more, she soaked Uncle Jack and Jack was loving it. Gisele slid Jack’s dick back in and started hammering away again. Jack was so ready to cum and he wanted Gisele to cum with him. Gisele took Jack’s load and came on his dick as he came deep inside her. Oh ya, she had her orgasms. Toys are nice but there’s nothing like the real thing.

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UNCLE JACK’S NIECES – Spank You Very Much with Gisele Roxx and Jack Moore – Uncle/Niece Taboo XXX FullHD 2017

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Oh Gisele, in trouble again. She didn’t make her bed or clean up her room and she knows there’s punishment for that. It’s funny, she does this over and over again. Gisele knew her Uncle Jack would find out so she figured she’d just tell him, Uncle Jack is a stickler for tidiness. Gisele went into Jack’s room, he was taking his afternoon nap but he wasn’t asleep. Gisele told him that she didn’t make her bed, not only that but she didn’t even clean up her room. Uncle Jack was disappointed, well not really. Uncle Jack reminded her there is punishment, she knows what it is and she might as well get to it. She was a little too enthusiastic about getting to her punishment. One would think she didn’t mind the punishment and Jack doesn’t relish punishing her but rules are rules and a man has to do what a man has to do so Jack told her to get busy, she did. Gisele started by sucking Jack’s dick and being such a bad girl she had to suck it pretty hard…and she did. Since there were two crimes, sucking his dick wasn’t enough so she had to ride his dick…and she did. Gisele jumped on that dick with great enthusiasm, she knew she had done wrong and was eager to pay the price. She rode that dick, first cowgirl then reverse cowgirl. She banged hard then Jack got on top and banged hard some more. Gisele was enjoying her punishment a little too much, that’s ok. Uncle Jack wanted her to suck his dick some more so Gisele got off his dick and put it in her mouth, she licked it and sucked it and deep throated it, she was really taking her punishment well but Uncle Jack wasn’t done, he wanted her doggy style. Gisele spun around, pretty enthusiastically, and shoved Uncle Jack’s dick in her pussy. She pushed against Uncle Jack, taking all of him until Jack couldn’t hold off any longer and dumped a load in her pussy. Gisele was happy with her punishment but warned Uncle Jack she may forget again but she’ll try to be better. Uncle Jack knows she’s great.

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UNCLE JACK’S NIECES Happy Hands Happy Uncle – Almost with Delirious Hunter and Jack Moore – Unlce/Niece sex FullHD 2018

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Delirious wanted to show off her hand job skills, she is really good at it, but she needed a stunt cock so, who else, she asked Uncle Jack. Of course, Uncle Jack is happy to help out. Delirious started out talking and showing how to begin, get that cock hard but enjoy it, play with it. Then she showed some different grips really getting Uncle Jack’s attention. Once she got him really hard and had his undivided attention, she did what? Are you kidding me, really. Ahhh man.

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UNCLE JACK’S NIECES – Just Chillin with Carolina Camile and Jack Moore – Uncle/Niece Sex, Interracial Porn FullHD 2017

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Carolina was Just Chillin at Uncle Jack’s house. It was quiet, warm, a terrific day to just get naked and relax. Uncle Jack just happened to stumble onto the scene. He saw Carolina, that magnificent beauty, naked on his bed. Chillin sounded like a great idea to him so he joined her. Carolina is a horny young lady and Jack was right there and available so what the heck. Carolina eased down to Uncle Jack’s dick and started playing then licking then sucking. Uncle Jack was in heaven but he didn’t want Carolina to do all the work. The reality was that Uncle Jack just wanted to taste that beautiful body and Carolina was happy to help him with that. Carolina turned around to a 69 position and from the moment Jack started licking and sucking on her pussy, Carolina started having orgasms, one right after another. Jack would lick and suck soft at first then a little harder and when he could feel she was getting close he’d suck on that big beautiful clit hard and she’d cum again. Uncle Jack would slow down, gently licking her pussy and gradually bring her back to the point where Carolina was ready for another orgasm. Jack would lick and suck her clit harder and harder until she came again. That pussy looked so good and tasted so good Jack was happy with his face in it but Carolina wanted more. She rose up and rode Jack’s face for a little then moved down so she could ride his dick. Jack was so hard and Carolina wanted to take advantage of that hard shaft. She guided Jack’s dick in, oh you could see the joy on her face, she felt so good. Jack thought he would explode any second but he wanted Carolina to have as much as she wanted, he focused on pleasing her. Carolina rode Jack’s dick, nice and slow at first then harder.

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