Uncle Jacks Nieces – Wet and Wonderful with April Dawn and Jack Moore HD (720p/clips4sale.com/2016)

Added: 9/4/16

April was visiting her Uncle Jack. She had a busy day and just wanted a shower and chill but even when she’s just chilling, she is so sexy. Uncle Jack just happened to see her using his shower and couldn’t help himself. Those big, natural boobs, that nice round butt and that wonderful face, it was too much for Uncle Jack to pass up. Jack snuck into the shower but it was apparently no real surprise to April. She was horny and she knew Uncle Jack could take care of that for her. Jack snuck up behind April, put his arms around those big boobs and April cuddled him back. Jack caressed April’s boobs, held her tight and she eased into Jack’s arms. That beautiful round butt pushed into Jack’s dick and wiggled. Jack got an instant erection. April turned around to stroke Jack and Jack stroked April’s clit. Pleasing each other was something they both really enjoy. Once Jack was good and hard and April was good and wet, April turned around so Jack could go into her from behind. April slipped Jack’s dick deep into her super wet pussy and started stroking Jack’s dick. Jack was watching that beautiful butt, bent over in front of him taking his dick deep then out then deep again. April came several times but didn’t want to stop then Uncle Jack couldn’t hold it any longer and came in April’s mouth. April took his cum deep in her throat and kept sucking then she cleaned up Jack’s dick. Jack was so excited he wanted more of April but, there’s always later. Stay tuned.

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Taboo Diaries – Anastasia Rose – When My Uncle Walked In HD (clips4sale.com/720p/2016)

Added: 1/27/16

I Couldn’t Stop Myself

Dear Diary,
After picking up my uncle and his daughter in the desert we went back to my apartment for the night. The next morning while Hope was in the shower I was feeling pretty horny and started to masturbate. Sure enough my uncle walked in on me.
He was a bit shocked to find me in that position but it worked out to his advantage, well sort of. We started playing with each other then fucked on the bed. I completely forgot about Hope while we were fucking until she walked in and caught us but thats an even better story.
More Later

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Ella Nova – Virtual Incest – Look at your cousin s cunt HD (720p/jerkoffinstructions/2017)

It has been a while since you have seen your cousin Ella and she looks gorgeous. You can see through her shirt the outlines of her nipple piercings and you can feel your dick starting to get hard. Does she see it? She stands on the bottom bunk and notes that you are trying to look up her skirt, so she just lifts it up to show off her whole ass. You want to jerk off and she knows it, so she tells you to just do it. Ella drops her skirt to the floor. She is tall and thin and she is a dream girl to you. She slides her hand into the front of her lacy panties and then she touches her tit. Keep stroking just like that. Yes, that is perfect. Oh, you want to see more? She takes off her panties and exposes her hairy pussy. You love a good bush. “Look at your cousin’s cunt,” she teases you just before she tells you to cum.

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Auntie’s Bath Time Handjob FullHD (1080p/clips4sale.com/2015)

Added: 3/24/15

I know you’re taking a bath, but we need to have a little conversation. I found the dirty magazines under your mattress this morning. Now, your mother told me that if I found anything like that I should tell her and she’d dole out the punishment, but that’s obviously not working.
What would you say to Auntie’s own brand of punishment instead of my sister’s? Good, I knew you were a smart boy. Now sit back and relax, I’m going to give you a handjob. Tsk tsk tsk, you can’t back out now, otherwise I’m going to tell your mother that you’ve been up to far worse than dirty magazines. Trust me, you’ll enjoy this almost as much as I will.

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Little Hope Harper – Uncle Jack Is Back FullHD (1080p/clips4sale.com/2016)

I love the holidays especially since the whole family comes in to town to celebrate. Uncle Jack is usually one of the first to arrive and this year was no different. As soon as he got here I got so excited and things got out of hand quick. I unzipped his pants and sucked his cock a bit but he knew what I really wanted. Uncle Jack gave me all the attention I was craving and pounded my pussy til I was shaking. After a few more orgasms Uncle Jack exploded all over my back and it was soo hot. I can’t wait to see what happens when my sisters arrive.

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Little Hope Harper – While Auntie Is Sleeping FullHD (1080p/clips4sale.com/2017)

Good morning uncle, ooops I forgot to set a place for Auntie. Oh she’s still sleeping? That means it’s just the 2 of us and just thinking about your cock has me so wet. C’mon, she won’t here us while I take care of that morning wood for you. Your cock is so hard already I know what you were thinking. Mmmmm you taste so good Uncle, I can’t wait to get that big load in my mouth. Oh my that was alot, I’m gonna go kiss Auntie and see if she notices!!

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Taboo Diaries – Kaylie Kyrah – Uncle Drew HD SD (clips4sale.com/2014)

Dear Diary,
I am going crazy or something in my last trimester. The other day I was visiting with my aunt and Uncle Drew. While mom and her sister were out something strange began to come over me and I came on to my Uncle.
He was suprisingly receptive and reassured me with a deep kiss on my lips. One thing led to another and I was sucking his cock right there on my aunts couch. I was so into Uncle Drew I didn’t care and begged him to fuck me. He did things to me I’ve never experienced and after I got off a few times he exploded all over my tits. We had to hurry and clean up too, they pulled in just as he finished. Xo Kaylie

Dear Diary
The next day I was sitting in the study when Uncle Drew walked in. We were both so hot for each other I started sucking his cock right there. We fucked on the chair and the desk til w both got off. I hope nobody else heard. Xo Kaylie

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