Aunt Mandys 18th Birthday Blow Job POV FullHD (1080p/

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So this is what actually happened with me and my aunt and I would love for you to re enact it forme. Setting is that it’s my 18th birthday and my aunt has asked me to go shopping with her before we go to my birthday party. After a LONG boring day of shopping she decides she wants me to go to her house so she can try on her new outfits and I can pick the best one for her to wear tonight. I try not to be be rude and agree to do it. I have a seat on her bed while she goes in to the closet and changes. When she goes in for the second change she leaves the door open a bit by accident and I see her completely naked! I try to hide it from her but she can tell I saw something. She says it’s no big deal, because I am 18 now, so then she just changes her clothes right in front of me! I can’t help but get a huge boner! She is so cool she tells me to go ahead and jerk off to her changing, even bends over so I can see a little better, but next thing I know she is kneeling in front of me taking her top off and then sucking my cock! She finishes me on her tits and then gets dressed like nothing ever happened! BEST BIRTHDAY EVER!

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Little Puck – Unleash the Freak: Bad Auntie POV HD (720p/

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Your Naughty Auntie Was Snooping On Your Laptop and Found Some Pretty Hardcore Porn…She Realizes that Her Nephew is JUST the PERVERTED DOM she needs to really Use Her Holes and Fuck Her Like a Whore The Way Her Vanilla Husband Never Could. She Begs to Be Blackmailed and Reveals The Words *Whore* *Fucktoy* *Slut* and *USE ME* all over her body then deepthroats and drools all over your cock while talking nasty to You. She Now Deeply Adores and Craves her Nephew’s Hot Young Cock (POV). Her makeup runs down her face as she begs and cries for MORE!, her glasses come off and her hair gets wild and crazy as she slaps her pussy and drools on herself and gets SUPER INTENSE about becoming Your Naughty Auntie Fucktoy. As she realizes how truly fucked up her situation is she lets go completely and wants you to Pimp Her Out To Your High School Friends..She’s Even Gonna Give You a Phone So You Can Hit Her Up Whenever You Need to Use Her Holes. She cums and then kneels before you begging for your nut, slapping her tongue and screaming for it. You nut a fat load all over her hair and face (actual fake facial) and she thanks you and rubs it into her face and body. I start this video very composed and with a teasing, flirty attitude and end completely unkempt and unhinged, like a crazed cock-hungry slut on the verge of a breakdown if i don’t get your nut. U Definitely Wanna Unleash The Freak & Buy This Taboo Vid. Featuring orgasm, POV blowjob, virtual missionary sex, revealing red dress

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Missbehavin26 – Help ur Aunt Decide What Dress To Wear HD (720p/

You sweet nephew you Smile You helped me in with boxes, let me get you a coke and show you the new dresses I bought Smile I also found a few dancing videos on youtube id like u to see….oh you want to know if your aunt can twerk….well let me give it a shot in my sexy dress……things got a little out of control…let me try rubbing my bum on your…..oh no… husband is calling…..lets not stop, let me f*k you while hes on the phone

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Jaye Summers, Charles Dera – The Bad Uncle JoeHD (720p/


An 18-year- old girl becomes the subject of a man’s dark fantasy.

Her father’s buddy for years, ‘Uncle Joe’ (Charles Dera) has watched the girl (Jaye Summers) grow up and, now that she is of legal age, his fondness for her has become an obsession. Every time he is over at the house, he gets distracted by her teen body and how much he’d like to take advantage of it. But, he can’t do anything while her dad’s around. Joe comes up with a plan to take the girl away for the weekend to his ranch house – as a high school graduation gift. He pitches it to her and her father as a ‘gift from her uncle!’ and she is extremely excited. She’s so sick of living with her uptight parents and, now that she’s an adult, she’s yearning for a little adventure. Plus, Uncle Joe has always been dad’s coolest friend and she loves how he calls her princess and spoils her. When he picks her up for the trip, she literally jumps onto his bike. Once they arrive at the house, the plan goes into motion. The girl can’t seem to do anything without something happening … a string of coincidences that become increasingly sexual between her and Uncle Joe. She catches him eyeing her in her bathing suit; she walks in on him changing and finds herself lingering a little; when she goes to change for bed, she discovers that her luggage has disappeared. Then, the ultimate coincidence is revealed: Uncle Joe only has one bed. Even though he treats it like no big deal, she feels very shy about sharing a bed. He strips down to his boxers. They lay in silence, listening to each other rustling. He begins masturbating while creepily looking at her back.
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Bettie Bondage – Mom Catches You Giving Aunt a Facial FullHD (1080p/

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You’re on a trip with your mother and aunt – staying at a hotel with a nice big pool. Your aunt comes in looking for your mother – they were supposed to head down for a swim together, but your mom left a little while ago to go shopping. Dejected, your aunt turns to you for some company, asking you questions about school, friends, and girls…with which you have no news. She’s shocked – surely a handsome boy like you has a girlfriend or two? But no, chronically shy as you are, there is no special lady. Your aunt offers to help you get over the shyness, by roleplaying the girl you’re into. Ok, that can’t hurt, right?…
…Problem is, the girl you like is your much older teacher! Auntie Bee takes it in stride, admitting that older women often find young, strapping men attractive. She agrees to roleplay your teacher, and things quickly get more charged than you realized they would. You practically moan when your auntie leans forward, her cleavage pouring out of her tight swimsuit as she puts her hand on your leg and asks if you’d take that as a signal that a woman is interested?
Moments later, she’s moved her hand up your thigh. You may not be terribly experienced but you know where this is going. Your aunt wants your cock. And you want to give it to her. You watch as your aunt pulls your cock out and starts jerking and sucking, slurping hungrily as she enjoys your young cock. She begs you to cum on her face as she sucks and strokes you to finish. Smiling up at you, her face coated in your load, you hear the door creak open as your mom walks in….

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MILF 1289 – Cheating Housewife, The Secret Affair HD (720p/2017)

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HIGH DEFINITION VERSION. Grace was a horny MILF who never got any sex from her husband, Frank. In bed one morning, she begged him more passionately than ever to make love to her. Frank’s only response was to murmur and turn over in his sleep. Grace sighed, and tried to soothe her needs by masturbating. Taking off her robe, she lay back naked, and began fondling her big tits and finger-fucking her wet and hungry pussy. Although Grace enjoyed herself, she still felt unfulfilled. More extremes measures were needed. For a while now, she had been having an affair with her own nephew. His name was Kyle, and he was an expert at pleasuring his aunt with his young, virile cock. Sneaking out from her husband’s presence, Grace phoned Kyle and asked him to come over right away to fuck her. Frank would still be in the house, but she felt certain she could get away with playing around under his nose. As soon as Kyle arrived, he and his aunt slipped into the kitchen, stripped off, and started making out. They kissed long and hard while running their hands greedily over each other’s bodies. Then Grace dropped to her knees and sucked her nephew’s cock until it was slick, stiff, and ready for taking her pussy. What followed was exactly the kind of epic, body-shaking fuck that the MILF had been hoping for. First, Kyle bent her over the kitchen counter and took her from behind. Next, Grace sat on his lap and rode him reverse-cowgirl style. Finally, Kyle laid her down on a table and gave her an intense missionary-position pumping. Throughout, she gasped and groaned at the top of her lungs. It was a wonder that Frank had not heard her from upstairs. However, someone else had: her son, Aaron. The young man had not missed a thing. Approaching the noisy kitchen to investigate, he had peeped in and gotten a clear view of his busty blonde mother gleefully taking his cousin’s cock.

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Kylee Nash – Caught Spying on Bodybuilder Aunt HD (720p/

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You’re spending the summer with your bodybuilder aunt, who has no idea that her dear young nephew has a huge fetish for huge muscles! That all changes when she catches you spying on her as she’s getting dressed. She’s upset at first but then decides to indulge you a bit by stripping off her shiny cocktail dress and showing off her rock-hard body. As she flexes she gets turned on – and so do you! Aunt Kylee invites you to stroke your cock for her muscles, and then she grabs your hard shaft and starts sucking, her eyes watering as she gags on your massive rod. Unbearably horny now, Aunt Kylee slides your cock into her wet slit and fucks you in multiple positions while flexing before she cums hard on your dick…

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AubreyDiamondX – Nephew Gets Aunt Pregnant FullHD (1080p/

Its been a week since i last helped my aunt try and get pregnant and i wanted to see if she wanted to try again. i got to her place and asked her if she was pregnant and she said she was. i was kinda upset about that, i really wanted to fuck her again. i said was happy for her and i guessed she wouldn’t need my help anymore but then she said something that made me the happiest guy in the world. she said she enjoyed getting fucked by me and wanted to keep doing it. she got down on her knees and sucked my fat cock then laid on her bed and let me pound her brains out. i fucked her doggy and made her scream whiled i filled her up with my baby making batter!
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MILF Diaries – My Nephew And His Penis Surprise Me And My Pussy By Just Dropping In SD (

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I’m planning a romantic evening with my hubby. You know, nice dinner, some wine, and then some cuddling leading to hot sex on the couch. But the couch is covered with laundry. I have to put away the laundry and clean the couch. I don’t expect anybody before hubby gets home so I’m dressed lightly, to say the least. Short skirt. Low cut, loose shirt, no bra, G-string. He loves to see my tits bouncing and jumping out of my tops. Suddenly, the doorbell…Who the fuck? I quickly consider to change or at least put something over me but then decide against it. Whoever it is, it’s going to be there problem if they are shocked. We get a lot of these religious people knocking on our door trying to convert us. I would just love to see their faces when my boobs pop out! But it’s my nephew! What is he doing here? Nobody told me he would be on my doorstep today. Bad timing. I have to invite him in. He just started College nearby and I’m his only relative. The son of my sister. A handsome boy. I give him a glass of orange juice. He doesn’t take it. Oh! Of course. He is staring at my freely hanging tits in my shirt! I quickly hold my shirt together. He takes the glass, wetting his lips. I go back to the laundry on the sofa. To be polite, I turn towards him when I fold my panties. Big mistake. My shirt falls open again. Problem is, I can’t hold the shirt together and fold panties at the same time. I guess at his age he has seen enough boobs. I know my sister walks around the house naked and they go to nude beaches. As we do. So I just let him have the view. Panties folded, I go back to the couch to get more laundry. I’m a bit nervous to have my nephew leering at me so openly and I push a pile of laundry behind the couch. I have to get the stuff and the only way to do this is climb onto the sofa and fetch them. I feel that my skirt is riding up, exposing my butt, and my G-string. The damn thin moves sometimes, and its possible that he can see my pussy lips. I try to be fast. But not fast enough. Suddenly I feel his hand on my butt, the other hand pulls down my G-string, exposing my pussy completely. I try to push him away, give him hell for what he is doing. OMG! Something real big and real hard is pushing into my pussy! Oh no, he sticks his cock inside me. And it’s big! Must be his Dad’s size. My sister always brags that she gets fucked every day by a monster cock. Again I try to resist, but it’s difficult to be convincing if you moan and can’t finish words. I soon have a first orgasm. He doesn’t even stop, he just goes on pounding my pussy. And I cum again. And again. This is sooo wrong. I have my best orgasms ever on my sister’s young son. My nephew. Whom I babysat. What if he gets me pregnant. I beg him not to cum inside me. But of course he does. I push his cum out as good as I can. Fuck! Why did he do that? I just asked him not to. I get so angry now that I slap him. Twice. Hard. I threaten that I will tell his Mom. Yeah. Right. As if I could. All I can do is run into my bedroom, panties around my ankles, cum running down my legs, and slam the door.

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