Primals FANTASIES – Melissa Lynn – Step-Mom Behaviour Modification – Doll Mode On HD 2018

Added: 4/1/18 12:39PM

Rion’s Step-mom is a total bitch to him. He knows she is out to get his inheritance and that is the only reason she married his dad. One morning Rion Helps her take a nap and puts a installs a Behaviour Modification Chip

When Rion’s Mother starts barking orders at him, he decides it’s time to change the way she treats him.

Rion tests out his new robot.

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Cory’s Super Heroine Adventures – Cory Chase, Sloan Harper – Super Gurl is My Pet HD 2017

Added: 10/23/17 08:35AM

Scene One: Alternate Earth

Super Gurl has just been fighting Doomsday when she’s teleported to an alternate universe. Walking into Sloan’s house she’s confused and angry. All her powers are gone and when she tries to attack Sloan she finds that she’s helpless in this universe. “Alright” Sloan says and grabs her in a tight squeeze.

With a gasp Super Gurl is put to sleep. Sloan brings her to the couch and calls for help. As the beautiful Super Gurl is laying there Sloan can’t help but look at the perfect body beneath her tiny costume. Touching and licking, Sloan strips Super Gurl, taking her back out anytime she wakes. Super Gurl is so pathetic without her powers….

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Primal Fetish – Tana Lea – Bitch Tenant – Freeze Time – Hypnosis Hot Sex HD 2018

Added: 2/3/18 12:35AM

Tana has been blowing off her landlord to her yoga studio for a while now. He asked her to come in for a meeting with him so he can talk to her about how much she owes. When she doesn’t show up, he goes by the studio and finds her their working out! He says they need to discuss and settle her rent immediately. Feeling trapper, Tana starts to accuse him of sexual harassment, and starts to threaten him with lawsuits and settlements.

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Primal’s SUPERHEROINE SHAME – Lily Rader – Cinder – Public Disgrace – Hypno Control Fuck HD 2018

Added: 3/27/18 06:15PM

Cinder – Public Disgrace
Cinder has a lead on some villains that plan to k-nap a superheroine. When she arrives at the hide out she sees lights and a camera set up, as well as rope and some kind of massage wand. As she is trying to figure out just what is going on she is confronted by a villain that is able to negate any energy, even to the point of making her unable to move.

The villain mocks and gropes her frozen form as her eyes move about in fear.

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Meana Wolf – Inner Demon – Magic Control, Succubs Seduced, Vampire FullHD mp4 [1080p/2018]

Added: 3/23/18 12:17PM studio/81629

Categories: EROTIC MAGIC, ALIENS & MONSTERS, MAGIC CONTROL, MESMERIZE, EXECUTRIX, vampire, succubus, soul sucking, demon, sexual energy, sclera contacts, black eyes, monster, horror

We all have our inner demons… Meana’s just happens to be a soul sucking succubus who fucks the life out of her boyfriends. She doesn’t know it’s happening of course… she just wakes up naked, with lifeless young men around her and the taste of cum in her mouth. She doesn’t even know if she’s a virgin or not. As soon as she gets horny, the succubus takes over. Ready to seduce and destroy the young lad Meana has been working up the courage to get close to. You kiss and touch her… so sweet and innocent… until the beast comes for you. Your soul belongs to her… you just don’t know it yet.

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Mind Under Master Amara Romani – House Sitter – Mind Fuck, Submissive Dirty Talk FullHD 2017

Added: 7/30/17 07:00PM


Amara’s on her knees begging her to pleasure her master’s cock. “I wasn’t always like this, on my knees begging to suck my master’s cock.”

She explains that it all began when her neighbor asked her to watch his place while he’s away on business. When his TV mysteriously turned on Amara couldn’t look away. She lost all sense of time as she played with her pussy, just staring into the signal. Then she heard a voice…and saw someone. “Who are you?” she asks. “I’m you. I’m what you’ve always wanted to be” replies the figure. It’s her dressed up like a slut, wearing a collar. “You’re what I’ve always wanted to be” repeats Amara.

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Cosplay Cuties – Ashley Lane – Suprema-Mindgames Cosplay Cuties FullHD [studio/109510/2017]

Added: 6/3/17 12:43AM

Suprema may be an all powerful super heroine but her confidence and ego can get the best of her. Like when she goes after the super villain Scarecrow without doing her research. The cocky heroine walks into his place thinking that she has the upper hand. Ignoring the very fact that he told her its a trap. Suddenly during her false victory, Scarecrow doses her with a mind-altering drug and disappears. At first, she feels nothing. Confident that she will find him in his small apartment, she searches far and low, all while scarecrow creeps on her. After awhile she foolishly drinks a bottle of water from his fridge. This is all part of his plan! The doped water mixes with the toxin, causing her to hallucinate. Scarecrow attacks, convincing her that she is weak and powerless. She tries to get away but in her mind, she just doesn’t have the strength. Scarecrow puts Suprema down and places her on his bed. Groping her body. Exposing her breasts for his enjoyment. Forcing her to drink more of the doped water. With very little resistance, he is able to take advantage of her in anyway that he desires.

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XXXtremeComiXXX – Jill Kassidy – Can’t Beat Technology – Mind Control, Female Masturbation FullHD [studio/56081/2017]

Added: 11/16/17 09:10PM

STARRING: Jill Kassidy

Professor Kaos is a master of tech and not even sexy White Star’s seductress capabilities are a match for it. He uses a mind control remote to make her strip. His british curl in his voice effortlessly convinces her that she’s not here to capture him, but to pleasure him. He commands her to spread her legs, and remove her panties. He takes pleasure in seeing her rub her breasts at his command and then further, her own cunt. As she rubs her taught little pussy he makes her take a seat in his study, she spreads her legs and continues to pleasure her own hole and clit. Doctor Kaos presses his fingers into her, her wetness seeping out of her, coating his fingers. The virus he was uploading when she intruded has finished it’s upload, and with nothing more for her to do, he commands her to cum on his fingers.

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