Meana Wolf – Run Away With Me FullHD (1080p/

Added: 7/21/17

You were frightened at first when your sister snuck into your room. You haven’t seen her in over a year since she ran away from home. Your heart broke when she left because even though she had begged you to come with her, you were too scared. Scared of leaving…but also scared of your feelings for her. Feelings that you think she shared. She looks different. She says you do too. She wants you to come away with her tonight. To run away and never look back. She says that out there, you can be anything you want. She says we can start our own family together. You haven’t seen her in so long, and here she is, in your bed. You feel your cock start to ache for her. She feels it too. You make plans to leave before dawn. And then you kiss… you kiss her like you’ve never kissed her, or anyone before. And she kisses you right back. She says she wants you inside of her… you want it too. You move to find a condom but she insists that she doesn’t want one. She says you owe her more than that. She climbs on top of you and you slide your bare cock inside your sister for the first time. You feel your body shaking as she grinds her hips on you. It all just feels so right as your sister’s tight little pussy squeezes your cock. She turns around and grinds her pussy on your face as she sucks your cock. Then you move her down and thrust your bare cock into your sister again and again. She starts to cum and her gentle moans are too much for you to handle…you cum deep inside your sister’s pussy. You both lay there breathless…and she whispers, “I think you just made me pregnant” with a big smile on her face.

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Taboo Milf Kristi – Mommy Gets Revenge on Sons Cheating Girlfriend FullHD (1080p/

Added: 10/28/16

So how did your date go, sweetie? What do you mean you didn’t go? You’ve been saving up and planning this for weeks, why wouldn’t you go? Oh honey… you caught your girlfriend cheating on you? Wow… I can’t believe she had another guy at her house the same night you were suppose to pick her up. That is absolutely ridiculous… she sounds like a total whore. You are such a sweet boy, you really did not deserve this. She needs to be paid back for what she did to you. I want you to text her and dump her right now. No, wait. Actually, we are going to do worse than that. A tramp like her needs to be paid back with some sweet revenge. I think you should do the same thing she did to you, honey. I think you should cheat on her and then rub it in her ugly slut face. Hmmm you’re right… to do that you would have to have someone to cheat on her with and it would take us some time to find another girlfriend for you. Hmmm…. you know what? I have an idea! How about you cheat on your trampy girlfriend with….. mommy? I mean I am the only woman available right now and I know you’ve had the hots for your mommy… I see the way you look at me all the time honey. You might as well not deny it… besides, I’m totally ok with it. I want you to get revenge on that horrible girl for her treating my sweet boy like this. Here, let mommy just pull your cock out and play with it… I’ll even put my mouth on it. You would like that, wouldn’t you? You want mommy to suck your cock, don’t you? Mmmhmmm I know you would… and you know what? We are even going to take pictures of you cheating with mommy and we are going to text them to that slut. I wonder how she is going to feel when she sees your cock in another woman’s mouth?

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Auntie’s Bath Time Handjob FullHD (1080p/

Added: 3/24/15

I know you’re taking a bath, but we need to have a little conversation. I found the dirty magazines under your mattress this morning. Now, your mother told me that if I found anything like that I should tell her and she’d dole out the punishment, but that’s obviously not working.
What would you say to Auntie’s own brand of punishment instead of my sister’s? Good, I knew you were a smart boy. Now sit back and relax, I’m going to give you a handjob. Tsk tsk tsk, you can’t back out now, otherwise I’m going to tell your mother that you’ve been up to far worse than dirty magazines. Trust me, you’ll enjoy this almost as much as I will.

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Bettie Bondage – Spying on Mom During Her Workout FullHD (1080p/

Added: 11/19/16

Lately your mom has been taking to working out in the living room at such a time that you get home just as she’s stretching out. She wears these tight, tight spandex yoga pants that go see-through when she bends forward or squats, and just a sports bra. At first you felt weird walking into the living room with her like that, but when you realized that she doesn’t wear panties – that you can see her pussy clearly through the strained fabric – you start to look forward to coming home to this, weird as it is to admit that, even just to yourself. You look forward to catching her, watching from the foyer so she doesn’t see you. Every time you have to go run upstairs and jerk your cock until you cum, thinking about your own mother…
Today, she seems to be angling her ass and pussy right in your direction, bending and stretching perfectly to give you a gorgeous view. You can hardly stop yourself from jerking it right there, you know you won’t last long before you have to run upstairs…but before you can turn to leave, she turns her head and looks straight at you! She smiles, telling you she knows you watch. In fact, that’s why she chooses to workout at this exact time. You can’t believe it! You stand and watch as she shows off some more for you, putting her pussy on display as you come closer. You kneel down before her as she shakes her spandex clad ass at you, teasing and bouncing before sliding her pants down and telling you to get closer, take out your cock…soon, your mother’s pussy is sliding up and down the length of your cock…

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Bettie Bondage – Blind Date with Mom FullHD (1080p/

Added: 4/11/17

Your mother has always been gorgeous. All your friends used to tease you about your hot mom, and you’d act embarrassed but secretly you thought it, too. Her long, shapely legs and round ass, her little waist and large, natural breasts act together to invade and overwhelm you every time you come to visit, now that you’re older. She’s been single a while now, and you dream about being one of those guys she talks to online. She never gets the nerve up to go on a date, but you know she’s looking.

So you decide to make a dating profile of her dream guy. You even find a stock photo of a guy who looks like her favorite actor. At first you’re just excited to be flirting with her, even if it is online and behind the facade of a fake profile. Then you start to get ideas. Your job working in pharmacology and drug development gives you access to some pretty interesting medications. Rohypnol? No. You want her aware and alert. Versed? No, that won’t help with the initial part. But this new drug…Tyflosproso. It’s a drug that induced face-blindness, this weird condition where people can’t recognize faces. It’s perfect! You need only to introduce yourself to her at the beginning of a planned date and she’ll just assume it’s the right person…not her son. It takes a while to get her to agree to a date, but once she does you know you’re in. She talks about this guy all the time. She might even be in love.

You help her pick out a dress for her date, assuring her that he’ll love it. It hugs all the curves you’ve lusted after for years, exposing the gorgeous, milky-white tops of her soft breasts and the lovely expanse of her strong, shapely thighs. You wish her goodluck and get ready yourself. When you meet her at the restaurant, she’s nervous and cute, flirting and laughing as she tries to figure out why you look so familiar. It’s no surprise when she invites you back to her place.

What is surprising is how forward she is! She leads you right to her bedroom, laying back on the bed and inviting you to come join her. She teases you, flashing her panties and telling you how much she wants it. You had no idea your mother was such a tiger in bed! She drops to her knees, stroking your cock before using her mouth on you – her own son. She’s greedy and needy and horny and hot and she’s your mother, oblivious to the fact that her sons cock is in her hand, her mouth, and as she bends over and slides you inside, you start to wonder the drugs are still working…

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Bettie Bondage – Cum on Mommy’s Hair FullHD (1080p/

Added: 6/17/17

Your mother has asked you into her bedroom to discuss something. She looks nervous…and beautiful. You’ve always wanted her, even if it is wrong to think that. You tell her she looks gorgeous, and her hair looks great. You’ve always had a thing for her hair. She smiles and tells you she did it for you, making you instantly hard. She tells you she found your porn – the hair stuff. The mom stuff. All of it. You are mortified, convinced you’re in trouble but your mother suggests something so crazy you forget to be embarrassed: she wants to fulfill your fantasies, in hopes that it will make them all go away!! Your own mother, sitting in front of you and telling you she’s going to make you cum on her hair! It’s a dream come true. You’ve won the lottery, died and gone to heaven, hallelujah…

She kneels before you and explains what she’s going to do. You’ve already got your cock out, looking down at your nervous mother as she strokes you, and starts to dirty talk. She’s like the women in your videos, only it’s real. And she’s your mom. The taboo of it makes it hard not to cum right there but she’s just so good at it you need to last. You need to cum all over her hair.

After a few minutes you realize she has her hand under her tight black dress. She confesses, blushing, “Yes, sweetie…I’m touching myself. I can’t help it! I just want to be a good girl for you. I need your cum…”

She jerks you off urgently, begging for your load across her soft, shiny hair. You watch her stroke your load across her hair, moaning as strings of cum cover her. She sits back for a second, touching your cum in her hair before she brings her mouth back to your sensitive but still hard cock, sucking you again as she touches herself, telling you she’ll always be a good girl for you as she cums hard, moaning around your cock.

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Bettie Bondage – Dirty Dancing Mom FullHD (1080p/

You wake up late one night to see your mother stumbling around in your room. Crawling onto your bed, you realize she’s had too much to drink. She gets on top of you and starts to talk about her night. She’s grinding herself into you and you try to stop, thinking maybe she’s so gone she doesn’t realize this isn’t her room. Maybe she’s mistaking you for Dad?

But you quickly realize that isn’t the case. She starts to tell you about the guy she was dancing with at the bar. How she thought he was your age, and how much he reminded her of you. She tells you how hot it was to dirty dance in a crowded club like that, how turned on she was getting…and how she couldn’t get you out of her head. You can’t believe what she’s saying. You try to tell her no, it’s wrong, convince her to lay down and sleep it off but she’s persistent, grabbing your cock and stroking it, pleased to find you’re already half-hard. She whispers to stay quiet, or else Dad will wake up, and your cock hardens completely. It’s so wrong, you know it is…but as she tells you all about how wet she got thinking about you, as she strokes you against her wet pussy, as she takes her dress down and shows you her gorgeous breasts, your will dissolves. You can’t fight what you want, and you can’t stop your mother from taking what she needs, even if it’s wrong. She strokes and sucks you, slurring her words as she works you into her pussy, dirty talking like nothing you’ve ever heard as she slides you deep inside her.

It doesn’t take long before she moans and cums hard on your cock, and you aren’t far behind…

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Bettie Bondage – Your Mother, the Virgin FullHD (1080p/

Added: 2/22/17

You hear familiar sounds coming from your parent’s bedroom, the sounds of a woman enjoying herself, but you know your dad isn’t home so you sneak up and look in, only to see your mother lying on the bed with a huge toy, plunging it in and out of her pussy while she moans and writhes. She looks amazing, her chest heaving and her pussy glistening as she draws the thick black toy in and out of her wet quim. You step in, standing there boldly but she’s lost to the world, her head thrown back as she fucks herself. Even when she finally looks up enough to see you standing there, she’s too far gone to stop. She apologizes, explaining that it just feels too good to stop…she begs you to forgive her, it’s just that she’s never been penetrated like this…she pulls the toy from her pussy as it gapes, pulses, and she squirts all over the bedspread. She’s shocked. My goodness, that’s never happened before! And to think, from this toy, five times the size of an average penis!

…What do you mean? you ask her. She tells you that this big huge toy is a fantasy – normal guys are like your father, about 2 inches. Right? You laugh. She must be kidding. But you quickly realize that your mother has been victim to a grave injustice: your father convinced her, a virgin until they married, that 2 inches was perfectly average. She’d never even kissed a man until marriage, who was she to doubt that? She admits that she’s never felt something hit so deep, your father always just pressed his penis against the opening of her pussy and ejaculated a few seconds later. You begin to realize that for all intents and purposes, your mother is a virgin! Your cock grows harder in your pants as she continues masturbating in full view, confessing her needs and lacking love-life to her son as she apologizes for her incorrigible lust.

She notices your growing bulge, confused. Don’t men normally get hard for pretty girls? Does that mean…you’re attracted to me? You confess, telling her that you’ve always wanted her. Only her. Even though you have had lots of girlfriends, it’s always only been about her. She blushes. She’s embarrassed – her own son lost his virginity before her! You correct her. You’re still a virgin. The girls at school are too afraid of your size to fuck you. Her eyes widen. You can tell she wants it, wants to see how large a man can really get…

You watch as she pulls your hard cock from your pants, gasping as tells you how much bigger you are than your father, guiding you into her pussy as she moans and begs you to fuck her, take her virginity. Your mother, splayed before you with her pussy full of your cock. You try not to cum as she begs you to fuck her harder, harder…and deeper.

You tell her you’re all the way in, you can’t get any deeper! She assures you that its ok, you’re still so much bigger than your father…but she keeps begging, harder, harder, fuck me deeper and harder sweetie! She’s stroking herself up and down your cock, riding you like a woman possessed. You can’t hold out, cumming inside her before she pulls you out and finishes you all over her pussy and stomach. She quickly grabs her huge toy again, plunging it in and out of herself as she gasps and moans…so deep, god it feels so good…You watch, your cock still dripping and twitching as you witness your mother squirt and cum hard from her thick black toy, again. She assures you that you were wonderful, amazing, so huge, don’t worry about her needing the toy, gosh I hope you don’t feel inadequate, sweetie…but you loved it all.

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Bettie Bondage – Your Best Friend’s Mom has a Secret FullHD (1080p/

Added: 4/1/17

You’re sleeping at a friend’s house, on the couch in the living room, when you hear a loud bang. You open your eyes to see a figure in the dark living room. Your first thought is that its your friend’s mom, home from her shift as a nurse but when see what she’s wearing, you think again: a tight leopard mini dress, fishnet stockings, and sky-high lucite stripper heels. She’s creeping across the room, trying to be quiet. You clear your throat to make your awakened state known and watch her flinch. She grimaces, clearly embarrassed as she slowly walks over.

“Shhh. We have to be quiet. We can’t wake up my son. And you can’t tell him you saw me like this…”

You think maybe it was a date or a hookup but she smirks, “No. I was at work. C’mon. You’re a smart boy…you must know what’s going on.” You look at her outfit, her makeup, the way she leans forward so you get a great view of her gorgeous cleavage. You know what’s going on alright. Your best friend’s mom is a stripper. And she’s flirting with you.

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Bettie Bondage – Free Use Family Mommy’s DP FullHD (1080p/

Added: 7/20/17

Ever since Dad enacted a “free use” policy in the home, you and your brother have been spending a lot of time with Mom. Every day after school, you both go into the living room and get your cocks jerked, fucked, and sucked by your gleefully subservient mother. Today is double penetration day: your mother mounts your brother and slides him into her ass while she faces you, fitting you into her tight snatch while she tells you how happy she is to be a free use mother. She rides and bounces on your cock until you fill her with cum, letting it drip out onto your brothers dick until he too fills her ass with a huge load.

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