Princess Leia – Skype with the Virgin Next Door HD (720p/

Added: 10/12/17 02:41PM

Fresh Incest Video with Leia

Please would you show it to me. I’ve never seen one before. I just thought maybe you were horny enough to show me. Pleaaase! You like spending your time with me don’t you? You like spending more time with me than with my mom. I’ve seen it. Every time I walk into the room your face lights up. I can tell your hard. Oh my god! You like taking your cock out in front of a younger girl? I guess I’m horny…someone could walk in at any moment though… Okay you start stroking and I’ll do my best to show off what I can…

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Butt3rflyforU – Breed Me College Student FullHD (1080p/

Added: 3/3/17 06:00PM

There’s something different about professor Knight today. She asked you to stay after class so she could discuss’re worried…..Once everyone left, she starts asking you questions….personal questions….it’s hard for you to focus. You can’t help but to stare at her cleavage and sexy black panties under her short skirt. It’s almost as if her pussy is calling for you….She is also tallking very seductively to you….there is just something about her. You can hear it in her voice…you can smell it in the air….she is horny…..horny as hell!!! She is asking you about your family history, diseases….illnesses…..You can feel your cock start to swell up as she comes closer….she asks you one more thing….”I need to know…as she gropes your dick through your pants, “I need to know you’ve got a nice cock in case we have a baby boy..I want him to have a big cock like his daddy”…your cock grows harder and harder…she also tells you she stopped taking birth control when she saw you were in her class…she knows she is ovualating today….she is so fertile….You know she is fertile….You have the same hair color as my husband so he will never ask for a paternal test and I don’t want his genes pasted on….he has a small, useless cock..I need a nice , big , young, and extra fertile boy to impregnate me!!!!!! You can enjoy watching my belly grow while in my class too!!! She turns around, you unzip your pants and release your rock hard manhood out….she turns around and sits down on you…begging you to shoot your seed deep inside her cervix, fertiziling her..inseminating her…breeding her!!!! ENJOY!

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Missbehavin26 – Mommy / Mother Wants to make a Baby FullHD (1080p/

Script: You are a single mom to one son, but you want a daughter as well. You enter your son’s room wearing a sexy nighty with a lace thong on underneath . You tell your son that there is something you want to talk to him about. Sit on the bed cross legged, ‘accidentally’ giving your son a view of your panties. You talk to your son about how much you appreciate him helping you out after his dad left all those years ago. But you ask him if he feels a bit lonely, just mom and son; you tell him that you do. You ask if he would like a sister? You talk about how it would be extra work, but it would make you and your son feel more like a family. He agrees. Now you start to act a bit teasing. You say you have something else to ask him, but you want him to promise not to freak out. You try to hint at it first, and play with your clothes around your tits, and fidget to move your hips and draw attention between your legs. You realise he isnt getting it so you just tell your son: you want him to be the one who gets you pregnant. He is a feels a little odd about it but you notice him get hard talking about it. You tease him more, maybe flash him and say ‘it seems like you have thought about mommy before, huh, ‘oedipus”! At this point you pretty much start to dirty talk to your son, mentioning breeding and how it turns you on, while stripping. Suck your sons cock a little, to get it super hard, and then fuck him with lots of dirty t talk. At some point say ‘This is what mommy did with daddy to make you’, and ask ‘so you like the idea of inbreeding your mommy?’ I dont know if you like the word ‘cunt’ so I wont insist, but it would be hot if you use it. Again this is up to if you are willing, but I would love to see you riding reverse cowgirl, and slip a finger into your ass while dirty talking about son fucking it, saying stuff like ‘maybe next time’. It would also be hot if you talk about maybe having a threesome with mom, son and daughter when she is grown up. Ill pretty much leave this up to you though, you are the queen of dirty talk

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Alyssa Reece – Finally fucking your Stepmom FullHD (720p/

Added: 8/9/16 04:08AM

You come into your stepmom’s room and you can tell she wants to talk so you sit down and listen to her. She is still in shock about the fact that your father left her. He started cheating on her with one of his interns and then decided that he didn’t want to be married anymore, not to her anyway. You can’t stand to see her upset, you’ve been in love with her since she moved in with you and your dad. Of course you’ve never told her how you felt, she was married to your father after all. You’ve always been very close, you’ve tried to best to ignore your inappropriate feelings towards her. Now everything was about to change, you can be the man of the house now. You want to comfort her, to take care of her. You tell her she’s beautiful and that she deserves so much better than your father. You tell her that you would do anything for her, that she deserves someone who truly loves her. You tell her that if she were yours that you would never do anything to hurt her. You confess that you’ve wanted her for so long. At first, she is surprised but she can’t say no to you. She’s fantasized about you too, she had no idea how you felt. She wants your young cock inside her wet pussy. It’s been so long since she’s felt desired by a man.

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Makayla Divine – Stepmom Tans Topless Wants You To Lotion HD (720p/

Added: 6/10/16 12:10pm

What would you do if you walked in on your stepmom topless trying to get a nice tan? She has big,luscious tits and they’re glistening in the sun. She wants you to rub lotion on her back.Would you make a move on her? What if you knew she was interested? Would you whip your cock out and go over to her? Would you let her make the first move? She seduces you, her young, naive stepson, the seduction ends in you getting a tittyfuck from her big tattoos

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Son Impregnate Me or Die HD (720p/

Added: 11/27/16 12:51pm

It’s Fetish Night again, and this might just be your last.
Custom (no name): Scene 1: We’re lying in bed talking & I bring up the fact that I want you to impregnate me. You say no & I get angry. I say I’m not on going on the pill & I’m not having sex wearing a condom. You say you’ll just pull out. I smile & say “If you think you can!”

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Vikki Lynn – Conniving Son-Taboo/Virtual Sex/Nude HD (720p/

Added: 11/20/16 01:03AM

From: Goddess VikkiWorshipObeyTribute.

Scene 1: My son comes down to the sofa where I’m laying openly. I was not expecting him home already. Browsing the ipad I was engaged and did not see him. Oh…hello there, sorry about that! How was school today? (spying, taboo, mommy, casual, ass tease)

Scene 2: The doorbell rings and the neighbor is at the door. My husband is not home but my son is…the neighbor and I decide to have a quickie, I leave the door cracked but certain since my son is studying for his chemistry exam he won’t leave his room… (virtual sex, spying, taboo, mommy, cheating)

Scene 3: I’m getting ready for bed and lay down to watch some netflix. I’m getting sleepy and my son comes in wanting to lay down with me. I let him, his father is not home. My son catches a look at a girl twerking and is staring on the netflix. I asked if he liked that, I can do it too see! I decide after a bit it’s time to turn the lights out, my eyes are getting tired. I keep feeling something drawing my nightie up… I turn the light on to see my son very close to me…then he gets on me with his cock against me and shouts he saw the neighbor and I…if I don’t have sex with him, he’ll tell. This is ridiculous! I would never do such a thing…Do I want my husband to find out? (taboo, mommy, virtual sex, cheating, role play)

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Alyssa Reece – Spying On Mommy Fucking Dad FullHD (1080p/

Added: 7/21/16 1:06am

It’s late at night and your mom comes into your bedroom. “What was that all about?” she whispers, she doesn’t want your father to hear her. You pretend like you don’t know what she it talking about. “I heard you sneaking around, spying on your father and I. A boy shouldn’t be trying to peek at his own mother!” she says in a serious tone. You say that you’re sorry and it was a mistake. You feel stupid and your mother’s tone lightens and she says that it’s ok, that she’n not mad but it can’t happen again. You assure her that it won’t. “Now be honest, this isn’t the first time you’ve spied on your dad and I?” she stares right into your eyes. You try to deny it but she knows you do.”Do you beat off?”she asks. You tell her no, but she smiles “I wash your sheets, remember?” You feel embarrassed and your mother starts to comfort you. “Mommy wants to make you feel better baby, it’s not fair that mommy and daddy have all the fun while my poor baby is in his room alone feeling frustrated. It must be hard hearing the headboard banging against the wall night after night, hearing me moan, hearing me cum.” she says softly. She straddles you with her legs wrapped around your body. Your cock throbs against her. ” I have something to confess too. Sometimes when I’m fucking your father I imagine that it’s you fucking me instead. Fucking me with your young cock like your left depended on it.” Your mom takes down her night gown to show you her perfect perky tits. And she lifts the bottom go it to show you her wet pussy. Your rock hard cock is now only inches away from her slit. Pre cum glistens the head of your dick and your mom slowly starts to ride you. “I can’t believe my son’s cock is inside me, we have to be quiet so your dad doesn’t hear us. Your cock feels SO good in mommy’s pussy baby” You feel like you’re going to explode already but your mom can tell and she squeezes your balls and tells you not to cum yet, she says that mommy wants to cum first. She says she can fuck you slowly, as she goes up and down on your sensitive cock. “You’re going to make mommy cum baby,” she moans as she starts to cum all over your cock. You feel like you’re about to cum but you’re not sure if you’re allowed to yet and she slides off you and tells you that she wants to taste your cum, she wants you to cum in her mouth. She wants all of your cum. She wants to swallow it all.

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Alyssa Reece – Dirty Loads With Mom FullHD (1080p/

Added: 3/26/16 12:04AM

Mom is doing the laundry and her son walks up behind her. “Hi honey, I didn’t see you standing there. I’m just doing one last load before dinner” she smiles. Son smiles back and mom focuses her attention back to the washing machine. Son grabs her ass, mom is startled ” What are you doing?! You aren’t supposed to grab me like that! I’m your MOTHER” she says with an irritated tone. She goes back to the laundry once again still annoyed at her son. Son grabs her ass again and this time tries to pull down her pants. Mom protests but son grabs her and all of a sudden she’s a little scared of her own son. She notices that he is rock hard through his pants. “Are you hard?! What is wrong with you! You’re my SON”. Son ignores her and moves her shirt to expose her perky tits. Mom panics. Son starts to pin her against the washer and dryer and she can’t move. She realizes that she can’t get away from him. “Do you want me to rub it for you or something?” she says in a pleading almost desperate tone. “I can jerk it for you but you can’t do THIS, you can’t put it inside me” Son doesn’t look convinced, ” Do you want to touch mommy’s tits? The tits you used to suck on when you were a baby?” she looks desperately at her son. “Do you want to put it in mommy’s mouth? Without answering he proceeds to take his pants down and slowly sticks his hard dick deep inside his mother. ” Stop! You can’t do this, you’re SICK! I am your MOTHER! Your father is upstairs watching the game!” Suddenly she becomes aware of the fact that it is starting to feel good. She tries to fight it. “You..little..” she says in between moans. “You..bastard…” she manages to get out. Her moans start to get more wild. She is on the verge of orgasm. “You’…mommy…CUM” she whispers loudly as her pussy cums on all over her son’s cock. ” Don’t cum inside mommy, baby. Where do you want to cum? You can cum on mommy’s tits, or mommy’s face. PLEASE don’t cum inside me!”she begs her son. “Cum on mommy’s tongue, I will stick my tongue out and mommy will swallow every last drop of your cum.” She gets on her knees and sticks her tongue out and her son’s cock explodes all over her tongue. She sits back, angry with her son, “I can’t believe you made me do this!I hope you’re happy, you turned your mother into a whore”.

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Tara Tainton – Silk and Satin – I’m the One for You SD (

Added: 11/7/17 5:15am

What?!?! You… some girl gave you a love letter at school today?! That’s… no… you can’t… no, no, no. You’re too young. Stay away from girls. Oh, honey, Mommy will explain. It’s just that… well, you never know what a girl is up to, what’s on their minds. And… oh, gee… oh, my poor boy! You have an erection! Do you know what that means? Well, honey, that’s what happens to a man’s body when he is with the woman he is meant to be with and… since it’s pointing to Mommy… well, it’s meant to be. I’m the one for you. And I’ll show you just what that means…

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