Natalie Wonder Clips – Mom Son Dirty Talk – Your Morning Wood Responds Well To Mommys Touch SD mp4

Wake up sweetie. You don’t want to sleep the whole day away do you ? Come on now get up. I know you went to bed late last night but let’s get the day started. I just got up a little while ago too, haven’ even brushed my teeth yet. Uh oh, sorry if you smell mommy’s morning coffee breath. t can get you some coffee if you want. Come on sleepy head, does mommy need to bribe you to get you out of bed? Uh oh, I know what I can do to get your pumping. Looks like you’ve got some nice, hard morning wood under the covers here. I bet you’ve got a lot of cum stored up in your balls. Let mommy jerk it out of you. Your hard ons always respond so well to your mother’s special touch. Cum for mommy & then we will start the day together.

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Natalie Wonder Clips – Mother cum with Son – Naughty Slumber Party SD mp4

When mom made a joke about her & her son having a slumber party, she didn’t think he would really agree to it. After all, he’s not her little anymore. He’s growing up. Mom realizes tonight is a great opportunity to bring up certain things with her son about girls. He might get embarrassed though so she’ll wait until they get comfortable in his bed & he lets his guard down. She has to get this off her chest. The thoughts she has about him keep racing through her mind. He might feel the same way though. Mommy & son together in bed may lead to naughty desires becoming a reality. This is going to be fun tonight, sweetie. Are you sure you’re okay with mommy sleeping with you in your bed? Okay, good. I have a feeling you & I are going to have fun tonight, and the conversations we’ll have too. I want you to know that whatever it is you do before bed, it’s okay. I’m talking about you’re nightly release. I know it helps you go to sleep. Mommy does it too. Sometimes I do it right outside your bedroom door, while I listen to your moans. Let mommy guide her boy to sleep tonight. I want you to have sweet dreams with mommy.

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Taboo Virtual Porn Video – Nicole Oring – Moms Bad Date FullHD mp4 [1080p/2017]

Well, mom just came home from yet another bad date! She is so disappointed because she was looking forward to finally meeting a man who could please her in life and in bed. She comes home to tell you how bad it was and notices that you are getting excited. Mommy is already horny and sexually frustrated, so she decides to take it out on you. You have no complaints! Mommy is so worked up that she doesn’t even bother taking off her lingerie to fuck you. She goes down on you and then fucks your brains out!
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Virtual Family Massage – The Weather Outside Is Frightful but Mommy’s Pussy Is So Delightful SD mp4 [2018]

Added: 8/7/18 6:20am

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Oh, honey, you have to be brave! Everything will be okay. It’s just a power outage—because of the big snow storm outside. We just have to get through the night. Here, come into bed with Mommy. We’ll warm each other up! Snuggle close… oh, you’re FREEZING! Maybe… I know! I’ll rub you down, warm up your limbs, your toes and fingers… Is that better, honey? Try to sleep, okay, keep your feet close to Mommy’s and… oh, you’re coughing and shivering now! Come here, let me rub you down again… rub you ALL OVER… and… oh, my. I… I guess I forgot that special part of you.

It’s… it’s standing so straight and tall, popping right through your pajama pants. I… well, just relax, honey, and Mommy will rub it for you. That’ll get you very warm! Okay? Just… well, I think it’s working. Do you feel warmer? Maybe I should just… Mommy will just have to use her mouth. THAT will make it so very warm… just… mmmmmm… you… oh…. I want… I have to… Just lie down this way, honey. Mommy’s going to warm you up the best way I know how. Mommy’s going to slip you right into the warmest place of all…

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Little Puck – Naughty auntie gangbang FullHD mp4 [1080p/ American / Essos/2018]

Added: 5/21/18 1:45am

Fuck, what I have made you into! You’re such a bad boy…bad like me, we’re definitely the black sheep of the family. Wow, ok, so you’re demanding my pussy right away? You’re such a needy nephew aren’t you?! But I’ll give it up for you good boy, you deserve it. Oh, you wanna punish me for being a bad auntie? You’re right I’m such a naughty lil slut, do whatever you want with me.” You write Fuck Toy and Cum Slut on your aunt’s body to prep her for what’s to come….you have big plans for her slutty fuckholes tonight…you tell her you’ve brought over a bunch of your high school friends and you’re gonna pimp her out for cash to save up for a car. She protests at first but she can’t help but touch herself at the thought and she wants to please you desperately…she craves your dick above all else and if it’ll make you hard to see her used and pimped out to your friends…then she’ll do anything to make you happy.

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Taboo Virtual Sex – Cum Fill Your Mother’s Empty Nest HD mp4 [ American / Pacific Northwest/720p/2018]

Your mother has been acting really weird lately, and today she’s asked you into her bedroom for one of her ‘Mom Talks’. You can’t imagine what’s going on with your sweet, pretty Mom, but you love her more than anything and would do anything for her, always…Son, Mom wants to talk to you about something…but I’m really nervous, and embarrassed…and well, I’m afraid to say anything…Well…you’re getting older, sweetheart. You’re not my baby anymore, and I’m thinking about being alone someday and maybe how you can help Mom not be so lonely, after all…come sit down, baby.

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Spy Family Video – Moms Sick Sonfuck Fantasy HD mp4 [ American / Pacific Northwest/720p/2018]

You thought you were just going to eavesdrop on Mom’s telephone conversation…you never could have imagined what you’d hear..

Crouched down, behind the clump of plants in the den, you can’t believe your eyes – or your ears – when you realize that your Mom…is…ohmygod…having phone sex. You’ve never seen your mother like this…dressed sexy, voice low and husky, writhing around on the sofa. You’ve always known she was pretty;

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Virtual Family Porn – Blowing Stepmom’s Mind and Your Load HD mp4 [American / Pacific Northwest/720p/2018]

Today’s the day – you’re going to do it – you’re just going to walk right in there and tell her. You’re going to tell her exactly how you feel…how you’ve felt….hell, what you’ve wanted for so long. You’re going to tell stepmom today…You’re going to tell her you want to have sex with her.That it’s your biggest fantasy; it always has been. You both remember that thing that happened that one time, even though she likes to pretend it didn’t happen, but today you’re going to be a man – you’re going to go in there, tell your step mom that she’s the hottest fucking woman you’ve ever seen, you wank to fantasies of her constantly…And then you’re going to strip naked in front of your lifelong mom, showing her your hard-as-glass young cock standing away from your body as you lie down directly in front of her and tell her that you want her on your cock right here, right now, on the dining room floor. You can’t wait another minute.For several moments your stepmom is in shock…

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Korina Kova – Mom & Son Make a Porno at the Beach FullHD mp4 [1080p/Canadian /2018]

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This is the sequel to “Favour for my Mom” it’s also the same custom buyer and his name is used….. We have been fucking non stop since you helped me with those XXX photos but Dad is back from his business trip and we have to sneak around, I call you into the kitchen while I am doing the dishes and tell you that tomorrow we are going to the beach together so that we can be alone, in the car I tell you I packed a surprise in my beach bag, its a camera and we are going to make a porno so that when your dad is home you can watch it so you will not be so sexually frustrated. This scene is Taboo and is POV with dildo for blowjob and tit fuck, then its virtual sex finishing with a facial….This was all filmed at the public beach but I love showing off so I had so much fun xxx

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