Alix Lynx – Slutty Schoolgirl Sex With Stepdad FullHD [American / Unicorn Mountain/1080p/May 28]

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You’re my stepdad…you see me dress like a slut and you’re not having it. If I’m going to be anyone’s slut, it’s going to be for you…and your naughty schoolgirl stepdaughter is happy to oblige. Let me strip out of this outfit and suck and fuck you until you cum in my tight pussy, Daddy. CUSTOM

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Xev Bellringer – My Son’s Uncontrollable Urges – Forced Pussy Rubbing, Virtual Porn sex FullHD 2018

Added: 4/14/18

My boy started acting strangely. Exactly as the doctor warned me he might. Loss of inhibitions, acting on impulses… inappropriate impulses. I never thought he would walk in on his own mother in the shower, so brazenly… Staring at my wet, naked body as I tried desperately to cover myself. He wouldn’t leave, even stripped his own clothes off! It just wasn’t right for a grown boy to bathe with his mother. But there was nothing I could do, the doctor told me to give into whatever my son wanted. No matter how wrong it was.

To wash him if he insisted, running my soapy hands all over his hot, wet skin. Lower. Lower… No, he couldn’t want me to touch his… His hand clamped over mine, making me squeeze his stiff, young cock. Stroking it, faster. No, I… I wasn’t about to let my son force his own mother to make him cum.

He pressed his slippery hands on my body, washing me, exploring me. I had to let him do it. He found his way down between my legs, gently rubbing until I gasped and moaned. Who knows what he would have done to me in that bathroom if I hadn’t run off to bed… I was too afraid to find out… to afraid to discover that I liked it.

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XXXMultimedia Nikki Brooks – Mom is Your Girlfriend – A Passionate, Romantic Relationship Between Mom & Son HD 2018

Added: 2/4/18

**Starring Nikki Brooks**

This clip includes: Nikki Brooks, POV, mom/son, mom & son are in a relationship, mom is your girlfriend, romantic, sweet, passionate, smiling, happy, wake up next to her after an incredible & wild night, virtual kissing, in love with mom, romantic talk, dirty talk, virtual blowjob, virtual sex, missionary, together forever, MILF, older woman, younger man

Things couldn’t be any more perfect. After an incredible night, you open your eyes to see your mom sleeping beside you. Her naked, gorgeous body is wrapped in your blue button-down shirt, and she smiles at you when she wakes up.

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Xev Bellringer – My Premature Ejaculating Brother – virtual sex, transformation fantasy FullHD 2018

Added: 4/9/18 03:57PM

I’ve never been hornier for your big dick than I am this very moment… how could you make me wait ALL day, alone with my cock obsessed thoughts, my wet panties, my dirty fantasies about how hard and long you’d FUCK me when you got back. Oh come on, it was just a minor surgery and it wasn’t even on your dick. I deserve THIS inside of me right now.
Ohhh I knew you couldn’t resist. I can feel how hard he is for me… so swollen it’s like you’re about to blo–OH!! What?! You just CAME?! But I barely even touched you! You’ve never cum from just a hand job before, and so quickly… Ugh, how could you do that??

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Butt3rflyforU – My Evil Step Mom – Foot Fetish – Virtual Creampie HD

CUSTOM VID..The name Christian is used. This is a great video even if your name isn’t Christian. Very creative ideas he had!!! I am his step mom and I married his dad just for the money. His dad just died of a heart attack and left me nothing!! You got all the money!!! The only way I can get that money is if you before me. So I went to my dealer friend on the black market and he gave me a magic pill that will knock you out briefly and then when you come to, you will be paralyzed. If I can force you to cum, you will and no trace of evidence will be left behind. I get the pill and come over to your house. You are very lonely and I tell you to take this pill as it will lift your spirits.

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Andrea Rosu’s Kinky Explorations – Honey, You Treat Mommy So Much Better Than Daddy HD

Added: 1/25/15 05:29PM

Sweetie, thank you for helping Mommy out with clearing out her closet. Why do I need to do this, you ask? You see, Daddy thinks I’m far too old and fat to wear some of these things. And truth be told, he’s right. I would look ridiculous now in these tight cut off jeans. What was that, sweetie? Oh, you’re so wonderful! But I don’t think you’re right on this one…I don’t think I’ll look good in this stuff anymore. Oh wait…what’s this?

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Kitty LeRoux – Birthday Party Gangbang – Bukkake on Mommy – Virtual Incest Porn FullHD 2018

Added: 2/19/18 08:26PM


Your hot mom planned a very special birthday party for you this year. She didn’t divulge many details, but two of your friends could sleepover. Well, it turns out your mom is a bit old-school and thought charades and party hats were going to be entertaining. Poor thing doesn’t understand why no one is having fun after she got you all to try pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey. She’d do anything for you- she even wore a dress you picked out for her. It hugs her curves and makes her look even more thick than normal. Now THAT is entertaining to you and your two friends. After failing to get the party going, you ask her if you can talk to her. “They didn’t like the hats? …I guess I should call and cancel the clown then.” She tried so hard, but you have to tell her the things she picked just aren’t what boys your age are into. She’ll do anything not to ruin your day- and actually, anything to make it perfect. “What are you boys into then?” Games. Pizza. Music…Girls. “Oh my gosh, why didn’t I think of that?

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Maternal Seductions Nikki Brooks – Lubricated Mommy – Virtual Porn Incest Video FullHD [c4s/1080p/2018]

Added: 3/2/18 6:30am studio/32590

Scene One: Morning

“Mommy’s sweet little angel. You’re such a good boy” Mommy whispers to me. I’m just waking up as she takes off her robe and slides into bed with me. Why is she naked? I think still half asleep. Reaching down she starts rubbing me. I feel myself get hard as she unbuttons me and pulls me out of my PJ’s.

“You want mommy to pull on it?” She smiles. Her big tits in front of me, I’m frozen in fear. I can feel this ball deep inside of me like cramps of anxiety as she strokes me so lovingly. “Oh son” She moans. She wants me, she wants to tease and torment me. “You like mommy’s soft hands around your peepee?” She breathes.

“Would you like it if mommy sat on you? It will feel so much better than mommy’s hands.” She guides me inside of her, so warm and wet. Up and down mommy slides on me so slowly. I’ve never felt like this before, her big tits swinging in my face. She bounces on me faster and faster until she’s moaning and yelling. I can feel her getting tighter and tighter on me. “Tell me when you’re going to cum, mommy is going to suck it up into her mouth” She can feel me begin to cum, pulling off of me she puts my cock in her mouth and I feel myself go white hot.

I lay there exhausted and shaking as she goes to make me breakfast. “Remember this is our little secret” She whispers.

Scene Two: Lunch

Still in shock about what just happen I walk into the kitchen for breakfast. “How is it that you’re so hansom” Mommy tells me, reaching down and touching my face. I feel my pants tighten at her soft touch and the memory of her naked body. A smile creeps onto her face. “Why don’t you show mommy” She tells me. “You have a busy day at school today, let’s wake you up” She gets to her knees and puts me in her warm sucking mouth. Her beautiful eyes look into mine as she makes me feel so good.

Deep down I know this is wrong but I can’t stop her. She takes me so deep into her mouth, sucking on my balls and making me quiver. “Come on” She says and guides me to the kitchen counter. She pulls open her robe and strokes me, slowly bringing me closer and closer to her hot naked body.

“Doesn’t that feel good” She whispers as she guides me inside of her, rocking back and forth on me. Her big tits press against me as her warm wet pussy pulls me inside of her. Instinctively my hips thrust into her and she moans and screams in pleasure. I begin to shake uncontrollably, I can barely stand as I cum inside my mommy. “Go take a shower and get ready for school” She giggles.

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Xev Bellringer – It’s Not Wrong If You Don’t Cum Inside Your Sister – Virtual Incest Premium Porn FullHD [1080p/studio/75701/2018]

Added: 3/24/18 7:44pm

Fantasy includes: taboo, fucking, creampie, brother/sister, coercion, woman following orders, forced female orgasms, tickling, accidental arousal, nip slip, bouncing breasts, female masturbation, pussy rubbing, virtual finger fucking, moaning, pov

Your sister deserved everything that happened in bed that morning. It was her fault for making you hard… for making you want her so badly. Maybe she didn’t notice her big breasts bouncing out of her top when you tried to wake her, how those plump nipples almost touched your face when she straddled you during the ensuing tickle fight. But when your sister laid down on top of you, refusing to get up, her soft body against yours… it was too much.

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Top 50 Hottest Clips on C4S – Meana Wolf – Scent of a Young Man – Mother/Son Virtual Incest Porn FullHD 2018

Added: 3/22/18 12:01am

You’re turning into a young man. Your body is changing…testosterone must be doing it’s job because everyday you’re getting bigger…everywhere. Each morning you wake up with a giant hard on and cold wet cum stuck to your leg. Your mom is starting to act different around you too. She squeezes your arms and shoulders frequently noticing how big and strong you’re getting. And today she started noticing that you smell different. She drew you in to smell your neck… you felt her breathing change as she inhaled deeply.

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Manyvids Dina Sky – Mommys bedtime solution – BBW Virtual Incest Porn FullHD [American / New York/Jun 15 2017]

One of my new personal favorites. Love the lighting, love the camera angles The dirty talk that Dina does, puts you right in the moment. Her body is the stuff of legends. Very hot and sexy.

This is a roleplay of me playing you mommy. I am all dressed in my pajamas on the bed, its near bedtime, and you’ve entered my room because you just can’t lay down. Of Course Mommy knows best, and I know exactly what to do to make you get tired. I tell you to watch mommy as I take my big tits out and caress them, telling them I know you like looking at mommy. I tell you to think of this like a bedtime story, only I’m going to be showing you as I tell you the story, undressing piece by piece in front of you, making you very hard in front of me. You enjoy watching mommy strip out of her pajamas don’t you? I know you have masturbated to mommy before, I tell you to get your cock out and show mommy how hard it is. I bend over on all fours and start sucking your cock while you stare down at my big ass, I am getting very wet and horny for you son, as I play with my pussy, mommy wants your cock inside of me. I bend over and let you stick your big hard cock into mommy’s pussy, it feels amazing as you penetrate me, looking back at you, as you keep doing it, then I decide let mommy turn around so you can watch my big breasts bounce in your face as you pound me. Watching those big tits bounce everywhere, mommy moaning, I am going to cum all over my son’s cock, I can’t hold off much longer it feels so good, my legs shake, my eyes roll back, and I feel such an amazing release, now its mommy’s turn to make you blow your load, where do you want to cum son? You decide you want to cum inside of mommy’s pussy, your so naughty! I don’t even let your father do that, but mmm does it sound so hot, okay son thats where you shall cum, pounding me harder and harder I can feel you getting close……all the way inside of pussy the cum drips out, how hot was that, I told you mommy knows best. I ask you to give me a goodnight kiss and maybe will do this again tomorrow night.

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Missbehavin26 – Blackmailing ur step mom into fucking u – Virtual Incest Porn, Amateur Sex FullHD 2018

Script: Hello, as im reading you are making role-plays, if you could make this story for me in Virtual Style. So only you are and the Cam. The Story is about mom and son.Son is coming home from school earlier than usual.After he think that no one is at home, he goes up stairs to his room.He is walking past the parents room and hears some weird noises. The door was a little open so he could look through it a little. He saw that his stepmom is on the Bed with her Laptop, she was skyping with some stranger. She wear sexy clothes .. stockings, mini skirt and a belly-free top. She showed her ass to the laptop and was dirty talking. So the Son started to film it with his Mobile Phone. Suddenly she noticed him and jumped right up, closing the laptop and was kinda angry. The son said that he filmed everything and will show it dad. The step-mom was like he wont belive you, she was very imagined. Suddenly the son said I do not tell him if you do the same with me.

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Natashas Bedroom – More Than Just A Sister – Family sex – Sister/Brother sex Compilation HD

Your relationship with your sister is about to change forever. You’ll venture into teasing taboo territory, giving into temptation and crossing that forbidden line again and again. This collection contains three of my most popular brother/sister titles at a huge discount: A Lesson For Your Nerdy Sister, Come Home, Big Brother, and I’m Desperate For Your Seed, Little Brother.
In “A Lesson For Your Nerdy Sister”, you teach your geeky little sis how to be as seductive and hot as the popular girls in school. You cant believe what a quick learner she is, and you certainly didn’t expect this uncontrollable temptation that consumes you both. Unable to resist, you stroke your cock and cum hard for your sister. She smiles and then greedily laps up your load.

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Kitty LeRoux – Tricking Mommy – BBW Domination, Facials FullHD 2017

Added: 12/28/17 07:33PM

You and your lovely mother are on vacation- somewhere nice and warm. The first full day, she wants to get out in the sun and water and comes asking if you’re ready to go. You tell her you got her a present. It’s a new bathing suit. Seeing as she’s in an outdated one-piece, she’s very excited to see what you picked out for her and can’t wait to try it on. She comes stomping back into the room in a robe, looking shocked and upset. “This barely constitutes a bathing suit! …Why would you get this for me? I can’t go out like this.” You were sure she’d look good in it, so you pester her to show it off…and after A LOT of reluctance, she disrobes and immediately covers her body with her hands. “What if your father knew you got this for me? This…this is totally inappropriate. I can’t go out like this?” You try to calm her and persuade her that everything will stay in place. You have the idea to show her. “You..what? Fine! I’ll give you on chance- but if something pops out that you don’t want to see- it’s your fault.” She bounces her huge tits in that flimsy bathing suit and you are secretly so turned on. You ask about the bottoms. “Are you sure you can’t see anything. I’m not sure you should be asking your mother to twerk. I feel like you can see everything!” She is won’t go out to the beach like this, before you proved to her that nothing was going to become uncovered. You both leave with towels in hand. When you come back, she’s furious! “They were cat-calling me, and hitting on me. Those, those wanted selfies with me- and you KNOW I am too polite to say ‘no’ – and YOU–YOU DIDN’T DO ANYTHING!” All her talking about the horny strangers fawning over her thick body is overwhelming you and then- she notices it. “” She’s mortified. She finally understands and confronts you. “You wanted this all along, didn’t you?” She’s huffing and jiggling around all angry at you. “You might as well finish. You’ve gotten this far.” She’s pissed. “You don’t respect me. You wanted your mom to be a slut in front of everyone. Well then, I’m a slut now. Is this what you wanted to see??” There is something so hot about your mom right now. She’s totally dominating you- telling you to stroke your dick in front of her like your life depends on it. ‘No! I am not enjoying this!’ She’s shocked at your question. She watches you jerk-off, making you jerk harder- the fury in her eyes is so fucking hot- this is it- this is exactly what you wanted. “You wanted me to be a slut; I’m a cum slut- give me your cum!” The shock she expresses when you unload all over her face, in her mouth, on her tits- it’s…so fulfilling.

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