PrincessBambie – Daddy Please Cum in My Pussy POV FullHD (1080p/

Feb 24

m happy with how this turned out! I actually consider this my best POV video ever, which used to be one of my biggest challenges, so I am pretty proud of it. In this video I roleplay your cute teen daughter, waiting for you to get home from work. I’ve been thinking about my Daddy all day, not wearing any panties under my onesie, trying to resist the urge to play with myself. Finally Daddy comes home and I get to ask the question I’ve waited all day to ask: I want Daddy to take my virginity, but that’s not all.. I’ve gotten a little jealous about Mommy, who won’t be home from her business trip for another couple of weeks, and I want Daddy to use this opportunity to fill me up with his cute little babies. Daddy isn’t sure at first, but I convince him by unbuttoning my booty flap and showing off my cute, tight little pussy. Finally he gives in and Daddy bends me over on the bed, fucking my tight little pussy harder and harder until he fills me up with his big hot load. We watch my pussy dripping with cum as I thank Daddy, positive that such a big hard load will get the job done and I’ll be pregnant with Daddy’s cute little babies in no time

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Kitty LeRoux – Mom Fertilizing Son FullHD (1080p/

Added: 11/26/17 12:00PM

Added: 11/25/17

Once a week since you little, you and your friend would get together and play board games and catch up on life. There’s always been something about her you love, but nothing has ever come to fruition, and you have remained platonic. This night is different. Tonight, when you go over to her house, you find her in a see-through dress and she’s looking, amazingly sexy. You wonder what is going on when she says, “I’ve been going through something and I need your help.” You’re her best friend, she explains- and over the past 9 months she’s watched two female coworkers get pregnant- saw them grow, fill out, glow, and she thinks it’s beautiful. She’s never felt that clock ticking in those 9 months, but when they came in to visit after birth, it clicked. And now, she’s needs you. She doesn’t want to do it through some clinic. You’re amazingly surprised when she says, “I want you to fuck a baby into me.” Her ovaries have been on fire every time she’s been around you, and she wants you to pump her pussy full of cum over and over again- for the WHOLE WEEKEND. She rips off her dress in unbridled lust. She can tell you’re unsure, but this is your friend and the more she seduces you and talks about everything that’s going to change on her body all because of you, you can barely hold back. “Don’t think with your brain, think with your dick.” You can’t help but fertilize your needy friend.

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Natalie Wonder – Mom Talks To Dad On The Phone While Going For A Ride…On Her Boy’s Cock FullHD (1080p/

Added: 7/30/17 06:01AM

G0d I love it when your father goes away. Mmmmmm feels amazing riding you on the living room couch like this…you and I will have the house all to ourselves for a few days while your father’s away on business. We’ll be free to fuck. I wish he went away more often. Mmmmm ohhhhh right there…that feels good….Mmmmmm…that’s the spot…I love your cock deep inside me…kiss me sweetie. G0d your cock feels so good…so much better than your father. I love it when we fuck like this, nice and slow…no rushing…feeling our hot bodies pressed against each other. You’re the best fuck mommy’s ever had. Mmmmmm my own son…my handsome boy. You’re incredibly sexy…mommy loves you so much.

What? What’s that sweetie? My phone? It must be your father calling to let me know he landed. Shhhhh we need stay quiet. Mommy’s going to keep fucking you while on the phone with daddy. Mmmmmm this is going to be an interesting conversation to say the least…talking to daddy on the phone while riding you…taking in every inch of my horny boy’s dick…feeling it thrust deep into mommy as you bust your hot cum inside me. Remember, what daddy doesn’t know won’t hurt him.

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Lovely Lilith – Sucking Step-Dad’s Cock to Shut Him Up FullHD (1080p/

Added: 8/31/17 9:45am

You know your step-daughter turned into a party girl the minute she turned 18. While her mom sleeps away in bed, you wait on the couch waiting for her to get home. You’re determined to catch this out of control girl in the act.
When she comes home, you notice her cleavage is practically spilling out of her shirt. She’s been drinking. She knows she’s an adult now and can do what she wants– but she doesn’t want her mom to find out. She might get kicked out of the house! You look her up and down, noticing her tits in plain view. You ask her, “what’s in it for me?”
She looks at you incredulously for a moment before she figures out what you mean. She leans forward, making sure you hear her,
“You’ve been with us for a while. Let me guess… my mom doesn’t do things for you like she used to, does she? When’s the last time you had your cock sucked, dad? I bet it’s been a while… How about a titty fuck? I bet she doesn’t do that either. Does she ever let you cum on her face? Oh.. Oh that’s it. You want to come on my face, dad? Here’s the deal… I play with that dick of yours… get a good taste of it… and then I let you shoot a load on my face. If I do that, you can’t tell my mom. Deal?….. Good. Pull your cock out.”

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Taboo Handjobs Krissy Lynn – My Sister Must Stay Pure HD (720p/

Added: 6/15/14 11:58PM

Thank god for sisters who watch out for each other. Krissy Lynn is determined to keep her younger sisters purity intact when she pays a surprise visit to her sister’s boyfriend. She explains her family is deeply religious so he must honor their beliefs and not pressure the sister into premarital sex. He is listening to Krissy, but his imagination soon takes them both upstairs to his bedroom where she can let her true nature be seen. She admits to being a true slut who is suppressed by her family but knows she can reveal herself to him. Does she really allow herself to be overcome with lust for cock or is it all in the boyfriends imagination

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Jessica Starling – Mommy teaches you about sex HD (720p/

You’re becoming such a big boy, so it’s time to sit down with Mommy and have a little talk. I know you’ve been touching yourself and having new feelings. It’s natural and normal to feel excited, especially about Mommy. I check and make sure that you’re healthy down there, and then I teach you about masturbation and sex. It’s important that you touch yourself and know how to please Mommy, too.

I tell you where and how I want you to touch myself while you watch me, and then I show you all of m0mmy’s secret places. There’s a special, hairy, creamy wet spot in me where you can put your penis…I use the words “penis” and “vagina”.

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Virtual Incest Mindi Mink – Blackmail By Sons Friend FullHD (1080p/

Added: 7/2/17 03:17PM

This clip is so fucking hot! If you like the thrill of possibly getting caught, this is a must see!
Mindi is asked over to her neighbors house by her sons friend. Mindi says hi to her long time neighbors from the other room. He asks her if she loves her husband. Mindi replies that she is a happily married woman. But he has some dirt on Mindi as he saw her having an afternoon affair and has the video to prove it. He says the only way to keep him quiet is to have sex with him or he will show her husband the video. Mindi notices a huge hard on in his pants. Mindi refuses but she is caught and she knows it. After more threats of disclosure, she agrees to let him finger her. He then tells her he wants to have sex with her right there on the spot in the room next to where his parents are watching TV. She is reluctant but she shares that she likes to be a little dangerous at times. She gets a little closer to him and lets him work her pussy with his fingers. She is amazed at his technique for such a young man and starts to moan with pleasure. She is very nervous about getting caught by his parents but what he is doing to her feels so good. She yells to the other room that she will come in there in a few minutes and proclaims she and their son are having a great conversation, all the while grinding against the skilled young mans fingers. She stops what is happening and tells him that is enough but he wants to slide his hard cock in to her pussy. He pulls out his big cock for her to admire. She likes what she sees… he then says all he wants to do is taste her. He reveals that he has stolen a pair of her panties and knows that she will taste delicious. She agrees but tells him that is all that will happen. As he licks her pussy perfectly, she is invited by his parents to stay for dinner, which she agrees to. He continues to eat her pussy so well that she now wants his hard cock inside her and demands him to fuck her. He tells her to take off her dress so she can see her lingerie, she says no because it will be harder to cover up should his parents come in the room. But she is so excited, she agrees and takes off her dress. He slides his big cock inside her and starts to fuck her hard… she cums as quietly as she can all over his big cock. She puts her dress back on and starts to stroke his cock, demanding that he cum all over her tits. He cums all over her tits. She tells him that this will never happen again and gives him her panties for fucking her so well.

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Lovely Lilith – Son My Tits are Better than Your Girlfriend’s Part 2 FullHD (1080p/

Added: 10/21/17 02:54PM

Part 2: Lilith decides to visit her ex again while he’s at work! She presents as a customer returning an ill-fitting garment, but when no one’s looking she whispers about their last meeting, flashing or jiggling her cleavage. Lilith coos how hard it is to find clothes that fit, demonstrating how huge they are since they’ve grown. Her ex is both turned on and panicking that their affair might be detected by his colleagues. Lilith loves toying with him in this state. To end the public interaction he agrees to meet her in a back room. There she showcases the unique abilities of her super-huge tits, like their extravagant way of bouncing and undulating, even from small movements, and how she can completely engulf his cock in her cleavage. The fear of being discovered remains, with one close call which may expose them!

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Kitty LeRoux – Big Sis Big Tits FullHD (1080p/

Added: 11/18/17 6:00am

Your mom is out of town and you and your sister were tasked with holding down the fort. But you…didn’t help at all. You finally see your sister at the end of the weekend and as she’s cleaning the counter, you can’t help zoning in on her tits- they must still be growing- they are HUGE. You’re barely talking to her, but she knows exactly what you’re doing. After denying it, she chides you for not helping her clean up after the two of you. “You can make it up to me by telling me what you think about the bathing suit I got for the neighbor’s pool party. It’s…different than something I’d normally wear.” You roll your eyes at her to mask the fact that you’re utterly entranced by her tits and the thought of her in a bathing suit is making you perv out over your own sister. In her bedroom, she walks out wearing what could barely be defined as a bathing suit- it’s barely covering her gigantic, full tits- it’s a practically a piece of string and a couple strip of fabric. When you look up at her she has this look in her eyes…like she knew exactly what she was doing when she put it on…she strips, she moves forward to grab your cock and jerk you off, she shows you how wet she is, tasting her juices, and begs you to fuck her. She’s wanted this for so long…don’t you dare pull out.

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Larkin Love – Twin Sister Steals Your Seed FullHD (1080p/

Added: 9/2/17 02:00AM

Why do you have to move out so soon? I know your moving in with me was supposed to be a temporary thing, but I was really enjoying having my twin brother around. Living alone isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, and I hate trying to make things work with a roomate. You and I just click – we always have. You should just keep living with me and forget about moving across the country. We could be happy here. I know you care about me deeply. You think it’s more than a brother should love a sister, but I don’t have a problem with it. I remember when you didn’t have a problem with it either. Society doesn’t understand just how close twins can be. If you’re set on moving away, then at least let me make one small request. I want us to cum together one more time. It’s not against your new “rules.” We’ll just watch each other while we play with ourselves. I knew you’d say yes. Mmm, your body doesn’t lie either. Watching me finger myself is turning you on, isn’t it? Your cock is aching to cum to the sight of your twin sister spread open and wet for you. I can’t help myself. This is getting too hot, and I want you too much. I’m going to climb on top of you, slide your throbbing dick inside me, and ride you until I have a powerful orgasm that pulls the cum right out of your body and into mine. That’s right, I’m going to make you cum inside me and get me pregnant! You’ll never leave my side now.

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